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A lot of the work I do is about creating stories and libraries of photos. I often send out postcards with just one image as a promo, but I wanted to expand and share broader sets of stories.

At the same time, I wanted to do something that would be cost-effective – a traditional mini newspaper was a great solution.

My wife, Eva, is a really skilled designer, and it was great to be able to collaborate with her on the layout.

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The reaction has been really good – I got a call from one of my favourite magazines (who I had never shot for before) and got to shoot an assignment for them.

When I dropped by the office of one of my advertising clients, I saw my magazine displayed prominently in their reception – that was cool. I also got personal notes from a few boutique agencies whose work I love, thanking me for the mailer.

I mailed about 1000, gave 100 to my agent, and saved about 200 of them. I'm excited to hand out newspapers when I go to portfolio meetings or to send them to agencies or magazines I want to keep in touch with.

Jacob Pritchard is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose clients include Google, West Elm, Verizon and GQ.

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