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About Newspaper Club

We're here to help everyone make and print their own newspapers.

We believe that reports of print’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Paper is a timelessly accessible and versatile medium and we believe in the power of newspapers to tell stories, in a way that's tactile and human.

We aim to bring the tradition of newsprint into the digital age and take it forward, by giving people the tools to turn whatever they want into newsprint - quickly and easily. We offer free layout software, flexible printing options, 24/7 online ordering, and fast, friendly service.

We’ve printed more than 12 million newspapers for thousands of customers all over the world. We work with big agencies, small businesses and creative individuals who just want to print a handful of newspapers. You can read the stories behind some of our favourite newspapers on our blog.

Newsprint has a rich history behind it and an exciting future ahead. Print's not dead!