About Newspaper Club

Our story

Our story started in 2009, when three friends in London thought it would be fun to turn their favourite pieces of online writing into a newspaper.

People loved the idea, and they realised how effective newspapers can be for small publishing. But the newspaper industry wasn't set up for small orders or nontraditional publishers, and the process of making a newspaper was challenging.

That’s where Newspaper Club comes in.

What began as a playful idea won a Designs of the Year Award and inspired our mission to make it easier for everyone to print their own newspaper. Today, we ship newspapers all over the world and are proud to support a new community of publishers, making amazing newspapers for all kinds of purposes.

Two images of the Newspaper Club printing press. Image on left shows several large reels of newsprint in a warehouse. Image on right shows tabloid newspapers emerging from a printer. Text on the front page of the newspapers reads: "Think Pink"

Our printing

All newspapers are printed on our own digital and web-offset newspaper printing presses. We print three different formats: mini, tabloid and broadsheet.

In September 2018 we invested in a new digital newspaper printer, which produces superb quality printing at high speed with minimum waste.

All of our paper types are either 100% recycled or sourced from sustainably grown forests. Our digital press uses solvent-free toner manufactured with certified green energy, and our printing plant is powered in part by solar panels. Watch a video to see our traditional press in action.

Lady reading newspapers in front of exhibition.

Our team

Newspaper Club is run by a team of 8, who are mostly in Glasgow, Scotland. Our customer service team are all graduates of Glasgow School of Art, so they know their stuff! We take a good work-life balance very seriously, and area living wage employer.

The future of newspapers

As well as making newspaper printing more accessible, we’re interested in exploring what a newspaper is in an increasingly digital world.

We developed a personal newspaper maker, PaperLater, which compiled an online reading list into a print-on-demand newspaper. We also worked with the Guardian on their Contributoria and Long Good Read projects, where they used ARTHR, our now-retired, free newspaper layout software, to make a newspaper in under 1 hour.

We’re always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible in print, so if you have an innovative publishing project in mind, we’d love to hear from you.

An extended arm holding copies of a newspaper with colouful patterns on the front page. Text on the front page reads: "For the harmonious home - Rebecca Atwood"
A seated man and a woman wearing a sari looking at fashion photographs in a newspaper catalogue.

Join the club!

We’ve printed more than 20 million newspapers for creative businesses and individuals all over the world. We love sharing the stories behind the newspapers we print - follow our blog and Instagram to see some of the most interesting ways our customers are using newspapers.

Together we're reinventing newsprint to make it more exciting, versatile and affordable than ever.