Print Roundup: November 2019

Newspaper Club Print Roundup: November 2019

Every month, we print hundreds of exciting, creative, well-designed newspapers and put together a roundup of our favourites. Below, 10 newspapers helping us beat the winter blues including highlights from The European Photoawards, a magazine celebrating Black History Month in Bristol and "sandlot misadventures" in the official zine of the Texas Playboys Baseball Club.

Pins Liverpool newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

PINS Liverpool

Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

"This newspaper is for our client PINS, a new venue in Liverpool that brings together cocktails, bowling, food, ping-pong, pool and karaoke.

Essential Studio was tasked with developing the brand— from the identity, tone of voice, uniforms, elements of interior design, food and drink photography, menu get the picture!

The PINS team had come up with the idea of making an old school comic to promote the venue — think of the Beano and Dandy. We took elements from old diner advertisements and supermarket sales leaflets, such as the dotted borders and simplified stars and diamonds, and turned it into a newspaper. We're super happy with how it turned out, as is the client." —Thomas Sumner, creative director at Essential Studio

Unmasked is a newspaper featuring writing by young people from Manchester, on topics including mental health and sexuality. Published by the team being Flux Magazine and printed by Newspaper Club.


Traditional mini printed on 70gsm improved paper

"Unmasked, a new zine from the team behind Flux Magazine, pulls together contributions from young people based in and around Rochdale, near Manchester. Essays cover issues that affect their lives—be it mental illness, climate change, excitement about a new favourite film or something interesting that they just found out about. Its publication coincided with the Rochdale Literature & Ideas Festival. We love the on-fire cover illustration this issue by Canadian illustrator, Lea Linin." —Claire Lomax, Flux Magazine

Girlfans zine newspaper by Jacqui McAssey. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Girlfans Burnley 2019

Traditional mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

"I was commissioned to produce this fourth issue of GIRLFANS for the inaugural British Textile Biennial which ran from 3 Oct - 4 Nov. This is the first time I've photographed supporters of men’s and women’s teams, so I visited Turf Moor and the Ruby Civil Arena in Padiham, where Burnley FC Women play.

It rained quite a bit during the project which isn’t ideal when you’re photographing people outside. I had finished taking photographs a couple of weeks before the biennial launch but with less than a week to go the weather forecast for the Burnley v. Norwich game promised bright sunshine. Obviously I went back for one last visit and was pleased to get some shots of the ground, the fans and their shirts, bathed in sunshine. A man selling merchandise had spread a huge home-made flag out on grass next to his stall—it was made from what looked like Burnley FC bedding, curtains and smaller flags stitched together. It was the perfect ending to a publication dedicated to cloth.

I had one day to put the zine together before uploading to Newspaper Club. It was printed and delivered directly to the British Textile Biennial within three days!" —Jacqui McAssey, founder of GIRLFANS

Bristol Black History Month magazine. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Bristol Black History Month Magazine

Tradition mini printed on 70gsm bright paper

"Bristol Black History Month Magazine provides a focus point for the city to celebrate the contributions and achievements of the African and Caribbean community. This year we celebrated the many inspiring entrepreneurs, artists, speakers and scholars who are committed to raising the aspirations of future generations and continue to embrace their heritage despite adversity. The fantastic line-up of events featured respected commentators, historians, community leaders, artists and musicians who discuss, debate, remember, preserve and continue the cultural heritage of the African and Caribbean Diaspora." —Azélie Bourassa, Cognitive Paths

Cuup Body Talk newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club

BodyTalk by Cuup

Digital tabloid on 90gsm bright paper

"CUUP is a direct-to-consumer brand creating bras focused on fit, quality and performance. When CUUP was founded, one of the main priorities was to give women the chance to talk about their bodies—for themselves and for other women. This resulted in BodyTalk, a series in which women discuss intimate topics that are inherently female. For a recent event, CUUP handed out a a zine with a curated selection of BodyTalk interviews." Liz Heimann, designer at CUUP

Crib Girls zine, printed by Newspaper Club.

Girls 2.0 by CRIB Presents

Digital broadsheet printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

"Girls 2.0 by CRIB Presents is a project championing women in the creative industry, especially film. Over 40 women pledged their time and talent which resulted in 10 films. Centered around dancing duo Sista Sista, we followed them as they performed in multiple locations around London wearing a different female designer married with a different female musician. The response towards the film was so successful and we partnered with Protein Studios to host a one-night-only installation to  premier the films alongside artwork, conversation and live performances from some of the musicians involved.

We used our newspaper as a memento for our guests to take away to remember the project. We wanted the middle spread to take on a life of its own—it's a feast for the eyes when you open it, full of imagery from the films we made and a big CREATE LIKE A GIRL quote." —Sarah and Imogen, founders of CRIB Presents

The Hustle newspaper by ANNA Money. Printed by Newspaper Club.

The Hustle from ANNA Money

Traditional tabloid printed on 45gsm salmon newsprint

"The Hustle was created by our in-house design team as a twice-yearly zine to keep our customers updated about ANNA Money and its latest features. An entertaining mix of advice and inspiration, it featured a message from our founders, profiles of ANNA customers, and tips and tricks to help business owners keep on top of their game." —ANNA Money

The Long Times zine for the Texas Playboys Baseball Club. Printed by Newspaper Club.


The Long Times

Traditional tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

"The Long Times is the official zine of the Texas Playboys Baseball Club and it's community of Nuts. The zine is a yearly review of season highlights, player accomplishments, sandlot misadventures, and anything else that seemed like a good idea at the time of publication. It is distributed annually at the Sandlot World Series at The Long Time, an East Austin sandlot baseball field and events venue founded by Jack Sanders of Design Build Adventure.

From the outset of the project, the newspaper format informed the paper’s content and design – from old school missed connections to hand-drawn baseball cartoons – and its tactile, traditionally-printed imperfections embodied the sandlot nature of the place, its community and its happenings. The paper was a community effort led by Designers Greta Rasmus and Parker Keyes in partnership with Jack Sanders and Tobin Levy with contributions from Maxx Delaney, Braden Williams, Bree Purcell, Jesse Ebaugh and Abigail Enright." Greta Rasmus, designer

Verve Coffee newspaper printed by Newspaper Club

Verve Coffee

Traditional mini printed on 55gsm

"With the holiday season coming in hot, our design team wanted to take an analog approach to gift-giving, bringing back a more tactile way of shopping and pursuing gifts. This year we're offering our customers a mini zine-style gift guide. It's a nostalgic way to showcase our exclusive limited-edition coffees and seasonal merchandise while providing a strong brand voice to our customers. Pick up a gift guide at Verve Coffee cafe locations or with any order from our online store. And remember, coffee is a gift." — James Besser, designer at Verve Coffee Roasters

Europa Photo Awards zine printed by Newspaper Club

The European Photoawards

Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

"The European Photoawards was an open call held over the summer for photographic work that sought to illuminate the character of Europe and the people who live in the diverse and ever-changing continent.

Photographique, with help from the Martin Parr Foundation, selected three photographers that we felt best depicted Europe and with their own interpretation of the brief each project dramatically contrasts the next. The magazine highlights the work of Conohar Scott, Patrick Junker and duo Panos Charalampidis and Mary Chairetaki and is available for free from local Bristol-based communities including Arnolfini, Martin Parr Foundation, The Royal Photographic Society and Society Café as well as a number of bookshops and galleries outside of Bristol."  —Hamish Trevis, Photographique

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