9 newspapers hot off the press in June

June Monthly Roundup by Newspaper Club

Every month, we put together a roundup to show all the fantastic ways our customers use newspapers.

This time, we've got an AI-generated photobook, a helpful guide to postpartum nutrition and a fun take on a launch announcement - plus more!

Keep scrolling for 9 creative projects hot off the press in June.

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SURREAL cereals printed by Newspaper Club

Holey moley

Marketing geniuses SURREAL are back at it again with their infamous campaigns. Printed on our digital broadsheets with holes ready to be cut out, they created The Pun to announce their latest stockist across social media. See the final result below!

Posted alongside an announcement that said: "HOLEY MOLEY! Big news - we’re in Hole Foods. The only shop that wholly sells hole-based foods. We wanna thank the whole Hole Foods team for their trust and… Oh wait. Just re-read the memo. WHOLE Foods. We’ve launched in WHOLE Foods. Hole different thing, apparently. Oh well. Grab a box next time you’re hungry. It'll fill a hole."

It soon amassed thousands of likes across their social media channels, with users noting "This ad is genius - love it!" and "Taking it to a hole new level. Super brilliant, as usual!".

Surreal, now in Whole Foods! Printed on digital broadsheets by Newspaper Club

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Brand Like That x Dear Media event, printed by Newspaper Club

IRL info

For the recent Dear Media 'IRL' event in Austin, Texas, event design agency Brand Like That helped bring the event to life with the help of our digital tabloids.

The live podcast event hosted intimate conversations with host favourites, live activations with brands, interactive experiences and the opportunity to connect with others in the community.

The accompanying print introduced attendees to the panelists, introduced the events throughout the day and even included a handy note-taking section. Photographed by Angelica Marie Photography.

Dear Media x Brand Like That printed by Newspaper Club

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Milky Oat by Newspaper Club

Postpartum prints

San Francisco based Milky Oat is working to provide carefully curated nourishment to new Mothers through their 100% organic meal plans. Designed in collaboration with Ainhoa Garcia Izaguirre, the brand printed the Milky Oat Welcome Zine on our digital minis.

The print is used to guide new mothers through their postpartum journey, and is packed with value, diagrams and important nutritional information about the postpartum window. There is also a QR code on the back of the zine, allowing the team to better track clicks and traffic to their website.

"Introducing new customers with our welcome zine has increased our sales dramatically," says founder Sydney Bliss. "It has also been a great promotional tool for events and first-time encounters with new moms. We are growing all the time!".

''The zine is a great and sustainable way to give our customers the feel of our brand. The printing process was incredibly intuitive and the help from Newspaper Club's support team was incredible!''

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Nice Things by My Sunbeam, printed by Newspaper Club

Sunny success

My Sunbeam is an illustration brand by London-based designer Taylor Dasbach. Crafted on our digital minis, Nice Things was born as a lookbook and physical portfolio to show to clients. The zine is composed of some of Taylor's favourite illustrations from the past year.

Opting for a newspaper was an easy decision for Taylor. "I choose the format because of the classic feel of the paper and the portability," she says. "It's easy to have on a coffee table and it looks great too!".

As primarily an 'Instagram Illustrator', the process of creating a physical zine was incredibly rewarding for Taylor. "Everybody I show it to loves it!" she says. "I think people have valued being able to see my artwork in a physical format for the first time, in such an easily consumable way".

The print has also been used as a 'thank you' gift for clients. "I've been dropping off a copy to clients after I finish a project with them. It's a nice way to say thank you and also a great way to help keep my designs at the top of their mind!".

My Sunbeam by Taylor Dasbach, printed by Newspaper Club

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Borealis Dwellings printed by Newspaper Club

Arctic abundance

Photographer and creator Ming Tung recently created Borealis Dwellings on our digital broadsheets. The print focuses on the "surreal abundance of Alaska’s permafrost farms" and provides recipes to go alongside the produce grown in these farms, alongside compelling photography.

"The newspaper is meant for people to read during the elongated night in the Arctic, so I chose the largest format possible!" says Ming.

Borealis Dwellings printed by Newspaper Club

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Printbound printed by Newspaper Club

Publishing persistance

Graphic design student Henriette Katalay is not taking no for an answer on the journey to her dream career! Printed on our digital minis, Printbound was created to "vividly illustrate the journey and aspirations" from her final year of university to the publishing industry.

This detailed roadmap showcases key publishing houses and individuals, advice received from fellow publishers, as well as the experiences that have shaped these aspirations, from academic achievements to professional goals.

The newspaper format was chosen "to reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of the publishing industry", says Henriette. And it's been a hit!

"Feedback from readers has been overwhelmingly positive", notes Henriette. "Everyone has appreciated the innovative blend of traditional and contemporary design elements, noting how it makes the content both engaging and accessible".

''The zine format enabled me to experiment with layout, typography and visuals. The final product exceeded my expectations, perfectly capturing the essence of my creative vision.''

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Ladien of Sloed by Newspaper Club

AI adaptions

Designer and illustrator Gareth Courage recently made a photobook with a difference. Ladion Of Sloed was published exclusively using AI-generated images! Designed in collaboration with Emily Springall Design, the 48-page digital mini is part of a larger AI-generated project called Maple and Myring that Gareth is currently working on.

The print explores "how changing the format and output of images can make them more believable, which is so relevant in the current trend of fake news," explains Gareth. The unique zine is also inspired by "books on paranormal phenomena" that Gareth read in his childhood in the 70s.

The zine was recently debuted at the 2024 DUPLICATE Independent Publishing Fair in Birmingham, and the response was hugely positive. "The print is deliberately obtuse and only the quotes at the start and end give it some context," says Gareth. "We wanted folks to bring their own ideas and interpretation to it. We had so many questions and comments!".

Ladion Of Sloed printed by Newspaper Club

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Spinach Branding by Newspaper Club

Branding brilliance

London-based Spinach is a leading brand consultancy specialising in branding, design, marketing and communications services. To "captivate and inform" prospective clients, the expert team created a portfolio handout using our traditional tabloids.

The choice to opt for a newspaper was an easy one, as the team loved "that it's crafted from sustainable materials and manages to showcase our excellent work, without feeling overly extravagant", notes Director of Branding at Spinach, Leigh Banks. It also served as a nostalgic opportunity for the team to be reminded of the "fantastic projects and brands" they'd partnered with over the years.

''Creating the newspaper was an enjoyable experience, providing the freedom to fully showcase our work without size or dimensional constraints. It also allows us to engage in a uniquely tangible way that's often missing!"

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The Tropical Tribune by Kelly Bryden, printed by Newspaper Club

Tulum tribute

"My husband and I had a destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico with our closest friends and family from all over the world," says new Bride Kelly Bryden. When planning the four-day festivities, the couple opted for a digital tabloid called The Tropical Tribune.

The print was included in welcome bags for the guests and served as a useful guide to keep guests up to date with the weekend activities. In addition to serving as a helpful need-to-know, The Tropical Tribune was also filled with fun elements such as a crossword, interviews with the happy couple and even a guide to international slang (to help their international guests better communicate!).

''A newspaper was a great way to keep all of our wedding information organized but also fun! Everyone LOVED it. They had a blast reading it and found it super helpful too.''

The Tropical Tribune by Newspaper Club

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