From stats to storytelling: 8 inspiring ways to create an annual report newspaper

Newspaper Club for The Skillman Foundation

Condensing a year's worth of work into an engaging annual report — one that people actually want to read — can be a difficult task. But, if you're looking to create an annual report that turns those stats and spreadsheets into a compelling format, you're not alone.

Every year, creative companies enlist our help to print annual reports that bring their businesses to life. Below, discover the impact a printed format can have on your annual report to make it a document that not only informs but engages and captivates your audience.

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Newspaper Club for Box United. Fight Like A Girl

Punch press

Box United, a non-profit organisation located in Chicago, is dedicated to empowering every girl to recognise her limitless power and potential through boxing combined with mental well-being practices. 

In their annual report showcased on our digital tabloids, Fight Like a Girl highlighted their accomplishments and impact from the previous year, celebrating the milestones reached in pursuit of their mission. They utilised powerful imagery and quotes to convey and inspire a continued dedication to their mission statement.

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Newspaper Club for Gateway Public Schools

Community creations

Gateway Public Schools is a public charter school organisation dedicated to serving San Francisco’s diverse student population. For their 25th anniversary, they enlisted the help of our digital broadsheets to produce a distinctive annual report to highlight their enduring presence in the community.

The organisation picked a "playful, retro-futuristic visual style" to help display their accomplishments and creator Teter Lindsie says "the choice to publish on old-school newsprint instead of making a slick, glossy brochure was a natural extension" of the school's unique personality.

''It was a big hit with our community and certainly distinguished our organization this year.''

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Newspaper Club for Atlas Free

Freedom files

Rescue:Freedom (now Atlas Free) are a non-profit organisation working to accelerate and resource the fight against sex trafficking and exploitation. With the help of our traditional broadsheets, the organisation created an annual roundup including major milestones translated into eye-catching headlines and crossword puzzles incorporating their stats.

It wasn't all fun and games — it also got a powerful message across: “The newspaper made the whole report more inviting,” says Mollie. “Supporters said that it's our best report yet — people are posting about it on social media, calling and emailing to tell us how much they enjoyed reading it. We’ve even received several unexpected large donations!"


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Newspaper Club for The Plant

Studio sustainability

London-based The Plant is a branding agency with a difference. As a Certified B Corporation®, the agency wanted a sustainable souvenir to celebrate their efforts when releasing their impact report. They chose our digital tabloids to help grab their reader's attention when sharing their "maximum impact" strategy.

''We chose to have it printed at the Newspaper Club, a company that shares our sustainability values. We used the dormant presses of London's daily newspapers, and all the paper is EU Ecolabel and FSC certified.''

Project Manager Dara Honeysett-Williams says the print was designed to be "engaging and fun" whilst still being "capable of capturing attention while delivering an important message".

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Texan triumphs

TACFS is a non-profit organisation connecting a network of caregivers with at-risk children and families across Texas. For their community update, the organisation chose our digital tabloids to create an impactful printed product that could be mailed out to partners and funders.

The update showcased significant advancements in Texas Legislature, highlighted statewide projects in adoption and documented progress in the state's shift towards community-based foster care.

Newspaper Club for TACFS

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Newspaper Club for Project Circleg

Powerful plastic

Project Circleg is a social enterprise transforming plastic waste into affordable lower-limb prosthetics for people living in less developed countries. This is the second year they’ve used our digital tabloids to sum up their achievements in an annual report.

“The newspaper is an original way to tell our story and a gift to thank those who supported the project,” says communication manager Martina Horber. “Our readers said it’s a very creative and unconventional format. There was huge interest to read it!”

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The Newspaper Club for Skillman Foundation

Broadsheet boost

Non-profit organisation The Skillman Foundation provide over $15 million in grants each year to support young people in Detroit. Choosing our traditional broadsheets, they collaborated with creative studio Good Done Daily to transform what could have been yet another slideshow or PDF into a beautifully illustrated keepsake. 

''It was important to convey the breadth of Skillman's work in print to mirror the impact they have in real life. When so much of the content we're engaging with is digital and forgettable, print makes things feel quantifiable.''

The newspaper included a poster of a painting by a Detroit-based artist and a handy QR code so that readers could "hop online to read a more in-depth annual report to deepen their connection to the Skillman's work,” says designer Andy Kopietz.

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Newspaper Club for NATOORA

Mission mini

Natoora supplies meticulously sourced seasonal produce to some of London’s most renowned restaurants. Their annual Impact Report, printed as a traditional mini newspaper, educates readers about the work they’re doing to “replace a broken, opaque food system with a transparent and sustainable supply chain.” Beautiful imagery from the farms they work with makes Natoora’s mission all the more vivid.

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