Print Roundup: June 2020

Print Roundup: June — Creative portfolios, catalogues and projects printed by Newspaper Club

Every month, we put together a roundup to showcase all the different ways our customers use newspapers. The newspapers below celebrate traditions in home cooking, the resilience of students during the pandemic, and the pleasures of DIY projects with family.

While we've always aimed to use our platform to share diverse projects, the events of the past month have given us a renewed focus on highlighting and sharing the work of BIPOC creatives in an industry that remains dominated by white voices. We will be seeking out these projects but also encourage you to please write to us at if you'd like to have your work featured.

Natoora Impact Report newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Natoora Impact Report newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.


Natoora supplies meticulously sourced seasonal produce to some of London’s most renowned restaurants. Their annual Impact Report, printed as a traditional mini newspaper, educates readers about the work they’re doing to “replace a broken, opaque food system with a transparent and sustainable supply chain.” Beautiful imagery from the farms they work with makes Natoora’s mission all the more vivid.

Cover of Theo Stroomer photography portfolio printed by Newspaper Club.

Spread from Theo Stroomer photography portfolio printed by Newspaper Club.


Theo Stroomer is a freelance photographer based in Denver, working with clients including The New York Times, Vox and NPR. He printed his latest portfolio as a digital tabloid and sent it to photo editors and prospective clients.

"It was very well received," says Theo. "And I've gotten some business, even during coronavirus, because of it!" Designed by Tiffany Clark of Redux Pictures.

Creative wedding thank you newspaper. Designed by Ritzelle Clarke. Printed by Newspaper Club.


Ritzelle and Curtis Clarke were married in January and sent this creative thank you newspaper to friends and family last month. The digital tabloid includes photos from the wedding, their vows and a playlist of songs from the day.

"Once people received it we were flooded with texts and notifications on Instagram," says Ritzelle, who designed the newspaper. "People have mentioned it was such a unique correspondence and that they'll hold onto it forever!" (Photo on the cover taken by Kelly Brown Weddings.)

Cover of Home Cooking, an illustrated newspaper celebrating our multicultural society through food. Illustrated by Tobi Meuwissen. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Spread from Home Cooking, an illustrated newspaper celebrating our multicultural society through food. Illustrated by Tobi Meuwissen. Printed by Newspaper Club.


In Home Cooked, illustrator Tobi Meuwissen celebrates the traditions, rituals and relationships we form through food. "I wanted the format to reflect the message of inclusivity," says Tobi about the decision to use a digital tabloid. "A newspaper is accessible and affordable to everybody."

Tobi is giving away a copy of the newspaper through a raffle in support of Black Lives Matter. Read more details on Instagram.

Glasgow School of Art Textile Design catalogue. Printed by Newspaper Club.


Congratulations to Glasgow School of Art's Textile Design graduates of 2020! This digital mini catalogue showcases their brilliant work, which can also be viewed online as part of GSA's Graduate Showcase.

“The graduates have been really resilient given the circumstances,” says Leigh Bagley, subject leader of the Knit course. “They love having something physical in such a digital world at the moment.”

Cover of Quarantine Weekly newspaper printed by Newspaper Club.

Spread from Quarantine Weekly newspaper printed by Newspaper Club.


"Quarantine Weekly was the first idea to keep me up at night that wasn't a sense of impending doom," says designer Mick Hangland-Skill about the inspiration for this digital tabloid. "It felt like a way to bring levity to an otherwise heavy situation. The process was freeing for my creativity, which had been buried under the weight of the pandemic."

After selling out of Issue One in April, Mick printed Issue Two (pictured above) last month, featuring contributions from his talented friends.  "Extra copies will be shared with potential clients and artists I want to see my work," he says.

These Uncertain Times broadsheet newspaper printed by Newspaper Club.


These Uncertain Times is a new publication from design studio Central Office. Printed as a digital broadsheet, it's a collection of "ideas and images for making sense of an unknown future" and sales support organisations responding to the pandemic (in this case World Central Kitchen, American Red Cross and ACLU).

The first issue features illustrations, photography and essays — plus this cool augmented reality piece by Studio Garonzi, which uses a custom Instagram filter:


"So much has changed in the week since this issue was printed and work has already started on the second issue," says Central Office co-founder Max Erdenberger. They're looking for submissions and you can sign up to contribute.

Cover of Beasley, a newspaper for drinks company Seedlip. Printed as a tabloid by Newspaper Club.

Spread from Beasley, a newspaper for drinks company Seedlip, featuring photography by Haarkon. Printed as a tabloid by Newspaper Club.


Beasley Journal is a new quarterly publication from Seedlip Drinks. It's named after Beasley Farm, a farm lab in the Lincolnshire Wolds and soon-to-be centre of excellence in the production of non-alcoholic drinks.

With its celebration of British woodlands and the outdoors, Seedlip had no interested in making Beasley Journal "a precious item that lounged around on coffee tables," says designer Ed Collins. "We wanted creases and folds, ink marks, grubby fingerprints. We also wanted printing that reflected the simple ethos of the farm — Newspaper Club was the perfect answer. "

"The response has been really exciting. Customers love the design and content and genuinely look forward to setting aside time to read it. We’ve had photographers and writers reach out to us and it’s sparked more creativity within the team." You can read the spring issue online.

Danielle Scruggs photography newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Danielle Scruggs photography newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.


Danielle A. Scruggs is a photo editor, photojournalist, and writer based in Chicago. Untitled. is a collection of images she has taken over nearly a decade, printed as a digital mini. She's sending the zine as a thank you to donors and supporters who helped her attend an artist residency last year.

"I wanted to make something tactile and easy for people to store, transport, and share," she says. "Plus, I just love printed material and having a physical archive of my work. The genuine excitement and connection with my images is so gratifying."

Construction with my Dad newspaper by Samuel Boik. Printed by Newspaper Club.


Construction with My Dad documents the home improvement projects Samuel Boik has tackled with his family during lockdown. The digital tabloid shows step-by-step instructions for making a potato protector and gym bench, and installing a dart board. It also captures the dangers of such projects — like snagging your zipper on chicken wire:

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 19.25.13

Samuel says they've been sharing the newspaper with other families who want to get DIY-ing. "Stay safe and keep constructing!"

Bleach newspaper, a collection of work by designers responding to COVID-19, printed by Newspaper Club.


BLEACH is a collection of visual responses to the U.S. government's treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic created by design students at San Francisco State University. "Working to get this out quickly, to not fuss over the design for months, was important from the start," says editor Mena Kamel about printing BLEACH as a digital tabloid. "The feedback has been super positive. And I’m happy that we can raise awareness within the larger conversation about something that I see as urgent."

All proceeds from BLEACH, which can be purchased through Venmo for $10, go to the Native Americans’ Coronavirus Emergency Response Fund. (The first print run has sold out, but Mena says they'll be printing more soon.)

Rietveld Journal broadsheet newspaper printed by Newspaper Club.


Rietveld Journal is a print platform for students, alumni and employees of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam to share their work. It's designed by self-described "analogue enthusiasts" Ran-Re Reimann and Lukasz Matuszewski.

"We were really interested in the aesthetics of early 80s-90s punk and alternative magazines," they say about choosing our traditional broadsheet. "People have been amazed by the amount of hand-drawn content. This idea of combining doodles with serif typefaces has a some kind of a twist to it."

Tunnel, a comic about depression illustrated by Hux Johannsdottir. Printed by Newspaper Club.


Tunnel is a comic exploring depression and anxiety created by Hux Johannsdottir, an illustration student at the University of BrightonIt's printed as a digital tabloid, which Hux says is "the perfect fit for my illustrations and colour palette."

Cover of Newspaper catalogue for sustainable bag brand Qwstion. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Spread from Newspaper catalogue for sustainable bag brand Qwstion. Printed by Newspaper Club.


Founded in 2018, Swiss brand QWSTION makes sleek bags and clothing from plants. "We wanted a medium that is consciously consumed and not fast-moving. A newspaper offers more space to explain our projects," says QWSTION co-founder Matthias Graf about their digital tabloid catalogue.

"After exhibitions we often have good response rates. The newspaper might lay on a customers coffee table or is shared by friends — it certainly helps possible customers remember QWSTION later." Design by Pia Fischer.

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