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TINCT makes beautiful, vegetable-tanned leather goods. Founded by siblings Rosie and Ben Broad, TINCT designs and manufactures all of their products in the UK.

Their latest lookbook is a vibrant and stylish traditional tabloid, printed on our slightly more sumptous 70gsm bright paper stock.

It’s brighter and heavier than standard newsprint and won’t discolour with age or light – so you’re safe to leave it out on your coffee table.

Or find a sunny spot to take in its loveliness, cover-to-cover.

"TINCT’s lookbook is a summation of everything that the brand represents," says Rosie Broad.

"Many fashion and lifestyle labels opt for more traditional, sleek lookbooks. But TINCT’s heritage and tactile view of the world made printing on newspaper a more appealing, original and interesting option."

Read more about TINCT's lookbook on our blog.



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