Print Roundup: April 2019


Every month, we print hundreds of exciting, creative, well-designed newspapers and put together a roundup of our favourites.

In this edition: a peek behind the runway at Oscar De La Renta, a cookbook inspired by Cuban history, a playful ode to the hand dryers of South London and more. See them all below.

The South London Review of Hand Dryers newspaper

The South London Review of Hand Dryers

Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Pseudonymous creators Wedgley Snipes and Charlie Tollemache are introducing the “thriving online subculture of hand dryer criticism” into the real world with the South London Review of Hand Dryers. A playful spoof of the London Review of Books, the first edition was published last month featuring poetry, illustrations, photos and essays all dedicated to hand dryers. “It brings a tangible analogue beauty to a digital existence,” they say of the newspaper. Hear them talk about the project in a recent interview with Stack Magazines.

Revolt newspaper published by Ricardo Hernandez and printed by Newspaper Club


Digital broadsheet printed on 55gsm improved paper – then trimmed and bound by hand by Ricardo Hernandez

Inspired by the imagery of Cuba’s cultural revolution in the 1950s, this cookbook from Cuban-American artist Ricardo Hernandez is designed to "promote the sharing of immigrant stories, specifically Cuban-American immigrants and the food that shapes their culture."

Looking to midcentury poster artists like Eduardo Munoz Bachs and Rene Mederos, Hernandez designed a bright broadsheet filled with recipes that "put Cuban history into a context easily accessible for non-immigrants and immigrants alike." After printing, Hernandez trimmed and bound the newspapers by hand. The result is a totally unique and personal publication. (Photo above taken by Lindsay McAleavy)

Life is Short photography portfolio newspaper by William Eadon printed by Newspaper Club

Life is Short

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

“Good things come when you loosen your grip.” That’s how photographer William Eadon sums up the experience of printing his tabloid, Life is Short. He’s using it to share recent work with creative directors and art buyers. “I just wanted to create a leave behind that was fun and lighthearted,” he explains. “This format allowed me to play a little...with a spirit that may not be present in a more formal book.”

Oscar De La Renta portfolio by photographer Landon Nordeman. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Oscar De La Renta by Landon Nordeman

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

Packaged in a glitzy gold bubble mailer (pictured above) this pair of tabloids from photographer Landon Nordeman showcases his images from the Oscar De La Renta runway. The design of the newspapers is minimal but fun – with blocks of colour to break up the images – and they’re printed on our brightest, heaviest paper.

NotOnSunday design agency portfolio printed by Newspaper Club

NotOnSunday Paper

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Founded by Mike Willows and Wayne Trevor Townsend in London, graphic design agency NotOnSunday has worked with the BBC, Royal Albert Hall and Greenpeace. They’re using this portfolio, printed on our digital tabloids, to share recent projects like a campaign to launch the new World Gallery at the Horniman Museum and Gardens (pictured above). Says Townsend: “The format works perfectly with the way we wanted to show our work and it’s also a nice play on our NotOnSunday name.”

Ian Mcintryre ceramics portfolio printed by Newspaper Club

Ian McIntyre promo

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

Ian McIntyre is a London-based ceramic designer. He’s made bespoke mugs for the Ace Hotel London and his re-engineered Brown Betty Teapot was nominated for Beazley Designs of the Year 2018 at the London Design Museum. Using a single sheet of newsprint he created this large-format portfolio to promote his work at the Ambiente Ceramics Fair in Frankfurt – the cover shows a family of tableware he created for Danish furniture brand HAY. Design by de Pass Montgomery.

Mathilde Karrèr photography portfolio printed by Newspaper Club

Mathilde Karrèr – Spring Paper

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

“Every time I make a portfolio, I like to get inspired by a theme,” says Berlin-based photographer Mathilde Karrèr. After printing a gothic-inspired newspaper with us at the end of last year, she wanted her spring edition to be “light, fun and pastel, like a Swatch campaign from 1983.” It features work shot for The Sunday Times Style, Glamour Netherlands and perfume magazine Scentury.

Lars Schneider photography portfolio printed by Newspaper Club

Lars Schneider portfolio

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

Lars Schneider is a photographer from Hamburg who specialises in outdoor and travel imagery – his clients include Patagonia, Garmin and National Geographic. “I love print and have been wanting to do a newspaper for years now,” he says about making his latest portfolio. “This was a great way to make myself happy – and it was fun collaborating on this project with a friend who is a graphic designer.”

Beachside Film promo printed by Newspaper Club

Beachside Films

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

Beachside Films is an independent production company based in Venice, California. Their most recent film, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, won the Grand Jury Award at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. That film and other past and future projects are featured in this newspaper, designed by Caspar Newbolt of Version Industries and printed to distribute at the 2019 Berlinale.

“Beachside approached us to see if we could make this pamphlet a little different from everything else out there — something fresh that clients would want to keep and take home with them," Newbolt tells us. “The tendency with so much space was to fill it to the gills and to make everything as brightly coloured as possible [but] we realized that letting the stills be the biggest thing, and the type often the very smallest thing, really amplified the films and gave the whole piece a refined quality.”

Schmidt's Natural deodorant catalogue for Natural Products Expo. Printed by Newspaper Club.


Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Schmidt’s makes award-winning natural deodorant and soaps. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2010, the brand is now available around the world and recently collaborated with The Jane Goodall Institute on a deodorant inspired by Lily of the Valley (it’s one of Goodall’s favorite scents). They used this newspaper catalogue, designed by their in-house team, to showcase their products at the Natural Products Expo in March.


Girl Landscapes

Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Girl Landscapes is project from photographer Beth Garrabrant, a former photo editor at Travel + Leisure and photo director for NYLON. Through portraits captured at rodeo pageants, outside gas stations and in high school cafeterias, the newspaper explores young womanhood in its many forms. Printed to coincide with an exhibition of Garrabrant’s work at the University of Notre Dame and designed by Roque Strew.

Justin Tyler Close photography portfolio iPhone photography printed by Newspaper Club


Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

A response to "digital pollution and how many photos we all take on camera phones," iEVERYDAY is a series of newspapers consisting of iPhone photography. It's a project from Los Angeles-based visual artist Justin Tyler Close who says the process of printing his "impulsive" images – there are 3 issues of iEVERDAY far – has inspired a "better relationship with my phone."

Club Argaux wine membership brochure printed by Newspaper Club

Club Argaux

Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Club Argaux is a wine-based membership service providing personal sommeliers for everyday wine needs. Each month, members get a box with 4 bottles of wine and a 16-page mini newspaper featuring tasting notes, recipes and promotions.

“We can’t tell you how many compliments we receive every month from members raving about the booklet,” they tell us. “It has become a staple of our service and we’re thrilled to provide something unique that members look forward to each month (aside from the wine!)” Design by Meilani Cottrell.

Arthur Oscar photography portfolio printed by Newspaper Club

Arthur Oscar portfolio

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

Paris-based photographer Arthur Oscar describes himself as “an analog guy living in a digital world.” He’s worked with the likes of Nike, Longchamp and Harley Davidon and printed this tabloid to share recent images – it’s a mix of portraits, Polaroids and collages. “With a newspaper, you can take time to appreciate pictures more than just scrolling on Instagram,” he says. “It’s also a nice way to arrive in a meeting to present my work to clients.”

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