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When I was tasked with designing MailChimp’s collateral to hand out at career fairs, I really took it to heart. No glossy, uninspired pamphlets would come from us. We would create an entire newspaper ‘bout that MailChimp life. And we would make it awesome.

This was not only the first newspaper I’d designed, it was also the first big project I worked on at MailChimp, so it was definitely a learning experience. Once all the stories were in and I’d made the last tweaks to the design, we used Newspaper Club to print 2,000 copies of The Chimpington Post.

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Chimpington 1

We scattered some around the office, and it brings me so much joy to see visitors in our waiting area reaching for the paper after they’ve looked at every app on their phones. I’ve even seen some of my coworkers (who, duh, already work here) flipping through the pages, too.

Most of the newspapers, though, went to our HR team.

At career fairs, our recruiters talk as much as they can about MailChimp in the few precious minutes they have with students. They leave the rest up to The Chimpington Post, confident that whatever they couldn’t fit into the conversation, we’ve got it covered.

Read more about The Chimpington Post on the MailChimp Design blog.

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