Pink and proud! 10 creative ways to use our salmon newsprint

Talking type specimens with lettering artist Mark Caneso

When designing your custom newspaper, the paper you choose can make all the difference. And if you're looking for a print that packs an extra punch, why not opt for our salmon newsprint?

Say goodbye to dull prints with our standard “salmon” pink newsprint stock, as used internationally for business papers like The Financial Times. This newsprint is 100% virgin fibre (not recycled) and both FSC and PEFC certified.

From brochures to portfolios and more, see 10 creative examples below of our pink-packed print in action!

And if you're still unsure about what paper types are perfect for your project, our free sample packs are a great place to start. They can help you decide which size and paper to go for, and they’re packed with tips to get the best results in print. Order yours:


divider double size zig zag by Newspaper Club

The party print, the cutting-edge NYC newsletter showcasing arts and culture, marked a major milestone with its 200th edition. To celebrate, the team transformed the digital newsletter into a physical format for the first time, using our digital tabloids on salmon newsprint.

The anniversary edition featured interviews, a top thrift store map and a list of the 30 Best Restaurants in NYC. This newspaper became a party favour during the celebration, adding a tangible presence to the digital platform.

''Just as you remember a physical invitation more than a text message, we felt this paper was a great way to make our digital newsletter a true presence at our party.'' by Newspaper Club

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Northerly Living apartment development brochure. Printed by Newspaper Club.

The brochure

If you’ve seen one apartment development brochure, you’ve seen them all: standard sizes, coated stocks and templated designs. Yawn.

"We love the newspaper format because it's casual, familiar and totally unique for a leasing brochure."

That’s why this brochure from Northerly really stands out. Design agency Perky Bros turned to our digital tabloids on salmon newsprint for a “less salesy and more editorial” approach to marketing their new development.

“We love the newspaper format because it's casual, familiar and totally unique for a leasing brochure,” says designer Jeremy Detina. “The salmon paper feels both special and unfussy in its lightness.”

divider double size zig zag

SVA-Style newspaper - comics issue. Published by School of Visual Arts. Printed by Newspaper Club.

The comic book

SVA Style connects 7,000 aspiring artists studying a wide variety of creative disciplines at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. They printed a traditional tabloid to celebrate the work of student comic artists alongside sketchbooks with ties to local art culture.

The print, on salmon newsprint, also serves as a recruitment tool for prospective students – they can consult the horoscope section for a preview of their lives at SVA.

"In our digitally dominated age, print has the ability to stand out when it embraces a unique, tactile look and feel."

“We like to have a loose design aesthetic so the publication can evolve between issues, and newsprint offers a defining attribute that can connect them all,” says assistant director Jennifer Liang.

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Hyper Skin promotional tabloid newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

The event prop

Hyper Skin made headlines at their recent influencer event with some help from our digital tabloids. Salmon newsprint was the perfect match for their punchy orange and black brand palette and helped set the scene for eye-catching social content:

Hyper Skin promotional tabloid newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

“There's something extremely charming and nostalgic about a newspaper,” says designer Katrina Romulo. “It was really well-received at the event. Many people took them home!”

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BEST for Scribner's Catskill Lodge by Newspaper Club

The roundup

Scribner's Catskill Lodge is a mountain getaway in Hunter, New York. The lodge collaborated with Brooklyn-based design agency BEST who provide full-service branding, creative and photography services for a traditional tabloid on salmon newsprint called the Scribner Hollow Post.

The idea behind the print was to spotlight all of the amazing talent in the local region – from the artists, chefs, and businesses featured, to the photographers and editors who shot and wrote about them.

"Newsprint is unexpected compared to a brochure or digital content that we are so used to consuming rapidly. It’s nostalgic – something you spend time with and share. The warmth of salmon newsprint was also so appropriate for the setting of Scribner’s.''

divider double size zig zag

The Home Brewing Guide by Metric Coffee, printed by Newspaper Club

The helpful guide

Metric Coffee is an independently owned and operated Chicago-based coffee roaster and retailer located in the historic industrial corridor of West Fulton Market, and a certified B Corp company.

Designed in collaboration with Chris Dazzo and Luka Lumovic, they created The Home Brewing Guide in response to their most frequently asked questions about coffee brewing, providing a unique insight into how to get the most out of their Metric Coffee beans at home.

Included with each coffee subscription purchased, the brand chose to go with a size that was "easy to ship and weighs practically nothing so it doesn't add to shipping costs". Our traditional minis on salmon newsprint were the perfect solution!

Metric Coffee guide printed by Newspaper Club

divider double size zig zag

Power & Light Press by Newspaper Club

The marketing brochure

Power and Light Press, a letterpress company based in New Mexico, specialises in greeting cards infused with their distinctive sense of humour. Owner Kyle Durrie aspired to re-define marketing materials with our traditional tabloid on salmon newsprint, creating a print that "would stand apart from the typical product catalogue or line sheet".

Prioritising the tactile quality and nostalgic appeal of print over digital media, the newspaper helped bring their vision to life whilst our Canva templates served as a helpful starting point.

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The Pioneertown Gazette by Newspaper Club

The celebration print

Founded in 1946, Pioneertown in California was originally built as an 1880s-themed set for Western films. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of this unusual place, local business Life and Times brought back the city’s old newspaper, The Pioneertown Gazette, for a special edition.

The traditional tabloid on our salmon newsprint is full of quirky news items and photographs of Pioneertown and its residents throughout the years. The print is also dedicated to the memory of Linda Mazzarello, the original Gazette's fearless steward.

“Designing The Gazette was a dream because the archival content was already so rich,” says designer Sarah Shoemake. “And it was the perfect opportunity to use lots of Western typefaces and ornaments!”

divider double size zig zag

The poster

Vers-eau is a new non-alcholic apéritif made in the Great Lakes region. On opening their order, customers discover this beautiful digital tabloid on salmon newprint that doubles as a poster. Inside is info about the ingredients plus (alcohol-free) cocktail recipes.

“Just like liner notes to a great record, we wanted to give people something to set the mood and complement the product,” says founder Stanton McConnell. “Newspaper has a timeless tactile quality to it and it was important for us to provide a non-digital asset that customers could reference while enjoying the drink.”

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Mikey Burton Portfolio by Newspaper Club

The portfolio

LA-based creative Mikey Burton describes himself as a “designy illustrator,” working with clients including The New Yorker, Airbnb and Converse. He filled a digital mini on our salmon newprint — all 64 pages of it! — with drawings from a sketchbook he used during the past few years.

Pro tip from Mikey: test the waters with a smaller order before your full print run. "I’d never used Newspaper Club before, so I wanted to see exactly what it would look like before putting in a huge order,” he explains. “The digital option is perfect — you can literally print one copy. I ordered 20 copies, which was enough to take some photos to do a pre-order and send a few to close friends as gifts.”

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