6 newspapers hot off the press in July


Every month, we put together a roundup to show all the creative ways our customers use newspapers.

This time, we've got a wedding hair guide, an event brochure, a baby announcement - plus more!

Keep scrolling for 6 fantastic projects hot off the press in July.

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Birmingham Design Festival

Bright Design Fusion

Birmingham Design Festival is dedicated to nurturing the city's emerging creative talent. By hosting dynamic events and facilitating connections between designers and influential industry figures, their mission is to transform the West Midlands into the vibrant creative hub it deserves to be.

They used the mini format to produce 4,000 festival guides, helping attendees navigate 3 days of talks, exhibitions and workshops at the Birmingham Design Festival 2024. The newspaper was crafted to be both an informative guide about the festival and an example of incredible design.

''Our theme was 'Process', so using a tactile analogue process & medium such as newsprint felt like the perfect fit. ''


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Book of Love

Landscape of Memory

Silva Trickey Brindle is an artist who decided to print her illustrations to make her audience feel as though they were reading the news.

Book of Love is a collection of drawings discussing the looping and unending story of life. Answerless questions, echoes of childhood, figures stuck in movement trip. Book of Love is the tangled landscape of memory—mishappenings and beauty: life.

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Made In Redruth

Moments in Redruth

The Ladder, a new arts and culture hub in Redruth, collaborated with the creative minds at Falmouth University to showcase what excites them about Redruth. This partnership aimed to bring out the unique charm and vibrant culture of the town.

Their priority was to select a format that is accessible and engaging for the local community. By focusing on effective communication, they ensured that their message could reach and resonate with people across the town, fostering a deeper connection and appreciation for Redruth’s cultural landscape.

''Our feedback has been fab, many inspired to get involved in Redruth's future.''

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The Santangelo Times

The Sweet Times

Taylor Santangelo sought a unique and creative keepsake for announcing the arrival of her second baby.

Her family and friends were thrilled with the idea of using a newspaper for the baby announcement, praising it as both clever and inventive. The newspaper format added a charming touch, making the announcement memorable for everyone involved.

''The best part about making the newspaper was coming up with the fun narratives and opening it when it came!''

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Concrete River

Concrete River

Matthew Scott is a Los Angeles-based photographer who embarked on an ongoing project documenting the LA River.

The newspaper was created as a leave-behind for his upcoming portfolio reviews, showcasing a curated selection of his work. Seeking something more impactful than the usual postcard promo, he opted for a zine format. This choice allowed him to present his photographs in a more substantial and engaging manner, leaving a lasting impression on his audience.

''I have always loved the look and feel of newsprint, and the way images appear perfectly imperfect on this type of paper. I knew this was something I wanted to pursue eventually.''

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The Wedding Hair

The Winning Hairdos Gallery

Amy Taylor was inspired to create this project not only to showcase her exceptional work as a wedding hairstylist but also to provide valuable advice to prospective clients on choosing their perfect wedding style.

From a young age, Amy had always dreamed of making a newspaper and had even experimented with creating her own as a child. "Discovering Newspaper Club felt like a dream come true," said Amy, as it provided her with the perfect platform to combine her passion for hairstyling with her childhood aspiration. This project allowed her to present her talents in a unique and engaging way, offering both inspiration and practical tips for brides-to-be.

''These were made exclusively for guests at a wedding event, but other people saw it on social media and wanted a copy too!''

The Wedding Hair Guide

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