Read all about it: 10 food brands serving up custom newspapers

Home Brewing Guide by Metric Coffee, printed by Newspaper Club

Some of the most innovative food and drink giants are cooking up something a little different: custom newspapers!

Whether it's sharing mouthwatering recipes, highlighting local food recommendations or simply creating an eye-catching campaign, print can be a fantastic way to add an extra dash of flavour to your marketing.

From bakeries to cereals and more, see 10 food brands below that are using the power of print to connect with their audiences like never before.

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SURREAL cereals printed by Newspaper Club

Holey moley

Marketing geniuses SURREAL are back at it again with their fun campaigns. Printed on our digital broadsheets with printed circles ready to be cut out, they created 'The Pun' to announce their latest stockist across social media. See the final result below!

Posted alongside an announcement that said: "HOLEY MOLEY! Big news - we’re in Hole Foods. The only shop that wholly sells hole-based foods. We wanna thank the whole Hole Foods team for their trust and… Oh wait. Just re-read the memo. WHOLE Foods. We’ve launched in WHOLE Foods. Hole different thing, apparently. Oh well. Grab a box next time you’re hungry. It'll fill a hole."

It soon amassed thousands of likes across their social media channels, with users noting "This ad is genius - love it!" and "Taking it to a hole new level. Super brilliant, as usual!".

Surreal, now in Whole Foods! Printed on digital broadsheets by Newspaper Club

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Innocent Drinks brand newspaper printed by Newspaper Club

Juicy headlines

Drinks brand innocent added a quirky touch to a customer event with this newspaper, written in their characteristically playful style. Alongside practical product and brand details are fake horoscopes and fun headlines – like “flamingos consider copyright claim” above a snippet about their new pink smoothie.

The team “got a kick out of bringing the innocent look and feel to the newspaper format,” says copywriter David Kay. And the digital tabloid, designed by Abby Hudspith, was a hit with customers, too. David says: “Little touches like this can make a big difference. There aren’t a lot of brands that encourage this kind of behaviour!”.

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Macellaio Menu, printed by Newspaper Club

Menu memoir

Macellaio RC is a growing family of four Italian restaurants around London, famous for their fine steaks sourced from the mountain valleys of Northern Italy. The restaurants take pride in sourcing authentic Italian ingredients, and providing "food with utmost respect" for an "unparalleled dining experience".

They recently printed their new menu using our traditional tabloids, adding a fun, unique twist to their restaurants. Featuring food, drink and pricing, the print also highlights their quality products and cooking methods.

"We find it so funny seeing our customers with an open newspaper at the table," says Macellaio. "Our restaurants are full of smiles when people open the newspaper for the first time and realise that it is, in fact, a menu!"

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Touchy Coffee brewing guide zine. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Brew news

Touchy Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting business in upstate New York and this is their guide to brewing great coffee at home. The digital tabloid, which is included in their subscription boxes and given away at events, opens up into a poster with their motto: “Coffee is a miracle and so are you.”

“I've dreamed of designing a project to be printed on newsprint for so long,” says founder (and designer) Felicity Jones. “When we needed to create a well-designed brew guide at a low cost, newsprint was the perfect option. Plus the fold-out poster looks incredibly cool on the salmon-colored paper!”

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Hal's New York trade show newspaper branding. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Snack show

Seltzer and snack brand Hal's New York used newspapers as part of an immersive display at a recent trade show.

Evoking their Brooklyn deli origins in the 1940s, they crafted a vintage-inspired setting to showcase their products – complete with a neon sign and newspaper dispenser stocked with digital tabloids.

“It's so fun to be able to design a physical piece in an increasingly digital world,” says creative agency Suite9c. “And the team at Hal's loved seeing their brand come to life in a new way!”

HALS_BoothPics_24_R - Melissa Piombo small text

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Glazed Bakehouse newspaper branding. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Bakery buzz

To promote their new cafe location during renovations, Stroud-based bakery Glazed came up with a creative marketing tactic. They covered the shop windows with custom newspapers, printed on our digital broadsheets.

"People have been taking photos and it has generated lots of interest in the new location!"

“People are enjoying reading it while waiting for their fish and chips next door,” says designer David Gerrans, who got some help from AI to produce enough copy to fill the newspaper. “The newsprint is thin enough to let light through, so it looks great at night with the lights on".

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Newspaper for vegan chocolate brand Kyoot. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Sweet sheet

Vegan chocolate brand Kyoot brings its colourful and quirky world to life in The Kyoot Dispatch. Design agency Odds Studio took a playful approach to promote Kyoot’s values and range of chocolate bars, which are made with organic cacao and without refined sugars.

“Our client was very happy and customers love it,” says Odds Studio. “It's such a fun brand material – even people who didn’t know the brand asked us where they could get a copy of the newspaper!” Printed on our digital tabloids.

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WTF Do I Feed You?! by Katie Needs and Edward Coombe, printed by Newspaper Club

Foodie flow

Ever struggled with what to feed fussy children? Introducing "WTF Do I Feed You?!". Created by Katie Needs and Edward Coombe, this digital mini is the brainchild of two friends-turned-parents determined to tackle the eternal challenge of feeding their children.

The zine serves as a practical guide for parents who love to cook but find it challenging due to picky eating habits. The newspaper is a curated collection of their tried-and-tested recipes and meal ideas, all carefully designed to please even the pickiest eaters.

While recipes are regularly shared on their Substack and Instagram platforms, Katie and Edward wanted to create something physical for parents to keep in their kitchens. They've received fantastic feedback so far, with Katie noting "Everyone is loving the photos, recipes and essays!".

"We appreciated how quickly the newspaper was printed and delivered to us, so we could share it with our friends, families and readers!"

WTF Do I Feed You printed by Newspaper Club

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Three Little Pigs printed by Newspaper Club

Piggy print

Five Little Pigs is a neighbourhood bar and restaurant in Wallingford, South Oxfordshire that featured in the Michelin Guide and Good Food Guide in 2023. Since opening, the team have been committed to sharing their passions for local food, seasonal ingredients and creative cooking.

This Spring, they printed the first edition of This Little Piggy on our digital minis for a seasonal update! The print features recipes and articles, in addition to handy seasonal gardening and produce tips, puzzles, crosswords and cocktail recipes.

This Little Piggy printed by Newspaper Club

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Henderson and Glass printed by Newspaper Club

Spill the (coffee) beans

This illustrated zine draws you into the colourful world of Henderson and Glass, a new coffee shop and cocktail bar in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Created to promote their opening this year, the digital mini tells the story of the business and highlights their focus on sustainable sourcing — and love of a well-made espresso martini. The result is an informative but playful introduction to the brand and its mission. Designed by Jamie Scarffe and edited by Chess Bradley.

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Make your own food newspaper with Newspaper Club. Print runs start at 1 copy!


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