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Everything comic 1

Sheffield-based illustrator Dave Hill understands the importance of newsprint in a balanced breakfast – nothing goes better with eggs and toast than the funny pages.

His wonderful digital tabloid comic, Everything for Breakfast, follows a pair of voracious explorers, making their way across the globe one meal at a time.

Dave's bright and bold illustrations look so great in newsprint that we picked his comic as our Newspaper of the Month.

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"Everything for Breakfast is the result of my final university project, where I wanted to create something for children to interact with, to read through, and to implicitly receive the message of the importance of acceptance and tolerance amongst different cultures.

I see the comic being read by kids in schools during the morning breakfast routine, or at break time, so I wanted the comic to be a larger format than the usual issued comic of today. I saw that our University’s graduation brochure was being printed through Newspaper Club and I’d been aware of the company for a while, so this was the perfect excuse to see what my work looks like as a newspaper.

The results are great, and I didn’t expect them to be so personal with the project! And now I know how to make Issue 2 even better."

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