The ultimate guide to making a bridesmaid proposal newspaper (with examples!)

Bridesmaids proposal newspaper by Newspaper Club

Calling all brides! If you're looking for a unique and fun way to 'propose' to your bridesmaids, we've got just the thing: the bridesmaid proposal newspaper!

Your closest friends and family deserve a unique and personalised invitation to stand by your side on your big day. A custom-designed newspaper is a creative way to show your appreciation and provide something they can treasure forever.

Print your own starting from just one copy - and don't worry if you're not a design pro: we've got free templates to make it easy.

In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to make your own bridesmaid proposal newspaper with easy-to-follow steps on how to design it, what to include and how to print. We've also got lots of examples and inspiration - plus stories from brides that have printed their bridesmaid proposals with us. 

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Bridesmaids proposal newspaper by Newspaper Club

What to include in your bridesmaids proposal newspaper

So, you've got your bridesmaids picked out and you're ready to pop the question with a custom newspaper.

The first step is to write down everything you want to put in your newspaper to make it truly unique for each of your bridesmaids.

Need inspiration? Here’s a list of ideas to include:

• Photos of you and your bridesmaid. Provide a nostalgic trip down memory lane by featuring photos of the two of you together throughout your friendship. 

• “Our Story”. Share memorable moments from your journey so far, like how you met and fun things you've done together. 

• Letter to your bridesmaid. This is where your 'proposal' comes in! Share anecdotes, memories and express why you want them to be part of your wedding. Make it heartfelt and unique to each bridesmaid.

• Itinerary. Give your bridesmaid an overview of essential information for the wedding, such as the date, venue and any other relevant details. 

• Bridesmaids bucket list. Create a mini bucket list of things you hope to do with your bridesmaids leading up to the wedding. This could include dress shopping, DIY projects or simply spending quality time together.

• Your 'why'. Create a list of reasons why you want each bridesmaid by your side on your wedding day, ranging from their support during tough times to their ability to bring laughter.

• Inside jokes. If you and your bridesmaids have shared inside jokes or funny memories, include them alongside memes or humorous captions to keep it as light hearted as possible.

• Friendship quotes. Include meaningful quotes that resonate with your relationship with each bridesmaid.

• Friendship timeline. Include a timeline of significant events in your friendship with each bridesmaid. Highlight milestones, adventures and shared experiences along your journey together. 

• Crossword puzzle. Design a crossword or puzzle that includes words related to your friendship, the wedding or shared interests. See a guide to creating a crossword here.

• Meet the other bridesmaids. Introduce the rest of the bridal party through creating individual profiles for each bridesmaid, including a photo, a short bio and a list of qualities you love about them. You could also include fun facts or trivia about each person.

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A guide to creating a bridesmaids proposal newspaper by Newspaper Club

Choosing your newspaper format

You can choose from 3 different sizes for your newspaper: minitabloid (the most popular format for bridesmaids newspapers!) or broadsheet.

You can also choose from a range of different papers. All of our papers are FSC-certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests. They're also completely recyclable and printed with energy generated by solar panels at our print warehouse. (You can read more on our Environment page.)

We recommend ordering a free sample pack to see all of our sizes and papers in person. Our samples also include colour charts and photos so you can get a feel for how your design will look in print.

Get free samples

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Bridesmaid proposal newspapers by Newspaper Club

How to design your bridesmaids proposal newspaper

After you’ve picked your format, you’re ready to make your newspaper.

Now, do you want to design your newspaper from scratch or use a customisable template?

You can use any design software to create your newspaper as long as your file is set up according to our artwork guidelines.

If you want to design it yourself

The fastest way to design a newspaper yourself is to start with our free templates. They're set up with the correct dimensions for our tabloids and broadsheets and include margins.

Canva template for all minis
Canva template for all tabloids

Canva template for digital broadsheet

See them all alongside our handy step-by-step guide here:

See themed Canva templates

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Bridesmaids proposal newspaper by Newspaper Club

Printing your bridesmaid proposal newspaper

When you’ve finished designing, you need to download your newspaper as a PDF. Just follow the steps in our ultimate step-by-step guide.

Check your PDF closely after downloading to make sure the final PDF matches up with your design in Canva. In some cases, the Canva export process can produce unexpected changes to the PDF. We print the PDF that you upload, so always double-check your PDF before ordering.

When you're ready to order, click the blue 'upload PDF' button at the top right of our website. You'll be able to create a Newspaper Club account and upload your PDF:

upload PDF button

Our automatic PDF checker will flag up anything that may cause printing issues, like low-resolution images or content in the margins. If you need any help with your PDF, just write to our friendly team at

Want to order a test copy? For digitally printed orders, it’s easy to print one copy to test your design and images. If you’re planning a bigger order, get in touch with our team about a free or discounted test copy.

When will your newspapers arrive? Delivery takes 1 - 7 working days in the UK, and slightly longer for overseas. Check our delivery calculator to see when to expect your order to arrive.

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What other brides have to say

We think newspapers are a fantastic way to 'propose' to your bridesmaids, but don’t just take our word for it! Below, read what brides who have printed bridesmaid proposal newspapers with us have to say about them.

(And you can read more reviews of Newspaper Club on Trustpilot, where we have a rating of 4.9/5 stars)

Bridesmaid proposal newspaper by Newspaper Club


Bride Maddi Bourgerie wrapped dried flower bouquets in bridesmaid proposal newspapers when asking her best girlfriends to be a part of her special day. Watch Maddi wrapping the bouquets and asking her bridesmaids here with the help of our digital broadsheets.

"Doing a newspaper for my bridesmaid proposal was very "me" as my bridesmaids would put it. I had a newspaper column in the local newspaper as a kid, I was an editor of an award-winning high school newspaper, and went to school for PR and journalism. I thought it was a unique idea, and I loved how it turned out!"

Bridesmaid proposal newspaper by Newspaper Club


When bride Amber O'Brien was looking for a unique way to 'propose' to her closest friends, she designed custom newspapers on our digital tabloids for them to keep forever. The 'proposal' included lots of happy tears, and a delicious 'bride tribe' cake!

"I always wanted to ask my closest girls to be my bridesmaids in a unique way, and when I came across some inspo for a bridesmaid newspaper I was obsessed! I was able to include pictures of me and my favourite girls and write to them in a personal and individual way. All the girls loved them, and I’m so happy it’s something they’ll get to keep forever!"

Bridesmaid proposal newspaper by Newspaper Club


When planning her wedding, bride Elsa Remak was looking for a sentimental way to honour the "stories and lifelong memories" she had with her bridesmaids - so, a custom newspaper printed on our digital tabloids was the perfect solution.

"Creating these newspapers was the biggest joy, I had a permanent smile on my face while pulling together photos and snippets of our friendships. My favorite part was customizing the crossword puzzles to represent inside jokes and words/phrases that remind me of that person.  They turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I received such positive and heartwarming feedback from the bridesmaids! The newspapers inspired lots of happy tears, laughter and trips down memory lane. They loved that it could be a keepsake and are eager to frame them."

Bridesmaid proposal newspapers by Newspaper Club


Bride Mackenzie Hall and fiancé Cody were planning a "timeless and classic" wedding, and loved the idea of incorporating custom newspapers into their day. After using newspapers for their save the dates, Mackenzie was inspired to continue the theme for bridesmaid proposals, on our digital tabloids.

"I had such a fun time creating our save the dates, and we received our newspapers quickly. Newspaper Club also has terrific customer service! Based on this experience, I then decided to print my Bridesmaids proposals on newspapers and they were so excited to receive theirs. I was able to personalize their newspapers with pictures of us and write them a letter to let them know how thankful I was for their friendship!"

Bridesmaids proposal newspaper by Newspaper Club


Bride Maraiah Tantalo was planning a surprise proposal for her bridesmaids at her engagement party, so enlisted the help of our digital tabloids for personalised bridesmaid newspapers!

"I personalized each newspaper to ensure that it was custom-curated to suit each of my best friends. I presented them with a bouquet of flowers to each of them at our engagement party and asked them to be my bridesmaids. The girls couldn’t even read them without tearing up which was so special. We love the aesthetic of it and everyone was so amazed at how they turned out! I wouldn’t have been as effective if they weren’t on the newspaper paper. I couldn’t be happier!"

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Other helpful resources

Free templates to make your own newspaper in Canva. Kickstart your design process with our free templates for Canva with a handy guide to our canva templates, plus how to use them for your newspaper.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions about making your own wedding newspaper, we're here to help! Just write to our team at

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