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6 ways to wow your wedding guests with a newspaper

8 unforgettable wedding newspapers and how to make your own by Newspaper Club

With a backlog of pandemic postponements, 2021 is set to be the busiest wedding year ever. So there’s never been a better time to rethink the standard approach to wedding stationery and make something more personal that will stand out from the crowd. 

From invitations to orders of service to thank yous, a newspaper gives you more space to share your story and what makes your wedding unique. Below, see how our creative customers have used Newspaper Club to wow their guests (“Once people received it we were flooded with texts!”) and capture their big day in print.

Before the wedding

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Unforgettable invite

Your wedding starts well before the big day. For this wedding invite, groom and designer Joel Avery wanted to “take the guest on a journey from the moment they received it in the post right up to the day of the ceremony.”

"We've received countless wedding invites that never really convey what you love most about your friends who are getting married," says Joel. Along with practical info about the celebration, the mini newspaper includes old family photos and even a custom crossword with clues about the couple. At a time when mailboxes will be overflowing with invites, a newspaper is an opportunity to make yours unforgettable.

8 unforgettable wedding newspapers and how to make your own by Newspaper Club

Warm welcome

For their Las Vegas wedding – which, yes, did feature an Elvis impersonator – Matthew and Hollie Spade included a digital tabloid newspaper as part of a welcome pack for their guests. “It was the perfect chance to share what we'd be getting up to that weekend and why we chose Vegas as the location," says Matthew.

Whether you’re getting married somewhere historic like the Little Church of the West or in your own backyard, a newspaper can set the scene and show guests why your venue is a special place.

During the ceremony

Liv Purvis order of service newspaper printed by Newspaper Club

Wedding wows

"When it came to the order of service, I think this was the only thing I was a bit of a princess about,” says London-based blogger Liv Purvis, who runs the popular blog What Olivia Did.

“It started with discovering Newspaper Club and realising that would be the perfect way to display everything from our ceremony and throw a bit of fun in too — like a ‘Meet the Parents’ page and a crossword. I knew what I had in mind, but I had no bloody idea how to do it. Typical.”

That's when Liv’s friend and bridesmaid Carrie stepped in to help construct “one of the most perfect touches on the day,” as Liv says. “I couldn’t have been happier with the end result. I can’t recommend Newspaper Club enough!" Printed on our digital tabloids.

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Maze for each other

For puzzle lovers Maya and Cody, the idea for their order or service started with a crossword. "Once we knew we were going to create a crossword for the occasion, a newspaper was a natural fit," says Maya, who works as a print designer. Inspired by the couple's collection of zines, Maya designed this illustrated order of service that’s also a playful keepsake — we love that she used the centre spread for a huge maze (above) to keep guests entertained before the ceremony. Printed on our digital tabloids.

8 unforgettable wedding newspapers and how to make your own by Newspaper Club

8 unforgettable wedding newspapers and how to make your own by Newspaper Club

Love in 3D

“Having a multicultural wedding, we wanted to invite guests to learn about our traditions, our families and us,” say Lauren and Rajiv about their order of service, which includes a guide to the Indian, Filipino, and Christian symbols used in their ceremony as well as interviews with their parents. (“Those pages were some of our favorite to create,” says Rajiv. “We connected with our parents in new ways by asking them about how they met.”)

They also turned a treasured poem into a 3D image (following this free tutorial) for the back page — which resulted in the sweet moment pictured above: Lauren's dad reading the poem to his granddaughter, wearing 3D glasses.

“What started as a simple idea evolved into one of our most cherished pieces of memorabilia from our wedding,” says Rajiv. “We like to think that one day our children will flip through the newspaper and learn about their parents and grandparents — and how cool we used to be!”

After the big day

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Thoughtful thank you

After their wedding, Curtis and Ritzelle Clarke sent this photo-filled digital tabloid to friends and family to say thank you. Inside are photobooth strips and snaps from the disposable cameras they provided guests, plus the couple’s vows and the song track list from the after party.

"Once people received it we were flooded with texts and notifications on Instagram," says Ritzelle, who designed the newspaper. "People have mentioned it was such a unique correspondence and that they'll hold onto it forever!"

How to make your own wedding newspaper

1. Get free samples. Order a free sample pack to see our different sizes and papers in real life and get inspired by more customer stories.

2. Use our templates. Get started with free templates for InDesign or Scribus available on our website. They’re set up to the right size and shape, so you can start designing straight away.

Alternately, you can work with a company like Made by Wood and Wood or The Occasional Press or your own graphic designer to create something unique.

3. Order a test copy.  For digital orders, it’s easy to print one copy to test your design and images. If you’re planning to print an order with a value over £150/€200/$200, print one copy and we’ll credit you for the cost when you place your full order. Just email our team when you’re ready to go.

4. Ask us anything! Write to us at and our team is happy to help.

Make your own newspaper with Newspaper Club. Print runs start at 1 copy!

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