Print Roundup: May 2019

Newspaper Club print roundup

Every month, we print hundreds of exciting, creative, well-designed newspapers and put together a roundup of our favourites.

Our latest edition features self portraits inspired by 1950s food photography, a poster full of sheep, memories from the Estonian diaspora and more—keep scrolling!

Bolbein illustrated newspaper by Michael Kennedy


Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

Birmingham-based cartoonist Michael Kennedy turned 40 of his illustrations into pull-out posters using our digital tabloids. “The aim was to provide some creative relief from freelancing and also to begin developing my personal cartooning practice,” he says. “After ordering a proof copy, I realised I should take advantage of the width of the spreads to make some posters!” Copies of the newspaper are available at Island Social Club, a Caribbean restaurant in Shoreditch. (And read our guide to making posters, if you want to print your own!)

Wool Press newspaper for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival printed by Newspaper Club

Wool Press for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Traditional tabloid printed on 70gsm bright paper

Founded in 2013, the Edinburgh Yarn Festival brings together knitters and crocheters from across the UK. Beyond the standard event details, this tabloid programme includes a guide to Edinburgh for out-of-towners, crochet and knitting patterns, and a pull-out poster showing different kinds of British sheep illustrated by artist Katie Green. “It was a great addition to the festival," says director Jo Kelly. “Something different to the usual and it was really well-used over the five days!”

Amanda Rowan photography portfolio newspaper


Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

Drawing inspiration from Dutch painting, vintage burlesque performances and 1950s food photography, “Ritual” is a series of self portraits by Los Angeles-based photographer Amanda Rowan. The project recently won Rowan the title of "Chromatic Photographer of the Year" from the International Chromatic Photography Awards and she’s promoting the work in this tabloid portfolio, which will be sent out to art directors and collaborators. Design by Yingda Shang.

Estonian Diaspora photography zine by Maria Spann, printed by Newspaper Club


Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Photographer Maria Spann has spent the past three years documenting Estonians who escaped the country as children during World War II, and the objects they brought with them. “Children of the 1944 Estonian Diaspora” was exhibited for the first time during Estonian Cultural Days in New York City last month, and Spann also printed this mini newspaper as a “teaser” for a future book of the portraits. “I love the feel of the newsprint and it came out so much better than I had hoped,” says Spann, who is also sending the newspaper to Estonian media outlets to promote the project and find more people to share their stories.

Kingpins denim trade show newspaper programme printed by Newspaper Club


Traditional tabloid printed on 52gsm recycled newsprint

Founded in New York in 2004, Kingpins Show was the first supply chain show dedicated to denim. Since then Kingpins has expanded to Amsterdam, Hong Kong and China and launched the Global Denim Awards.To celebrate their 15th anniversary this year, Kingpins printed a newspaper about their history and invited longtime friends and supporters to contribute favourite memories from the show. “Our event is really intimate and we've been able to cultivate a true sense of community, so the newspaper felt like a little love letter to that vibe,” says director Erin Barajas. On the back of the newspaper is a quote from Andy Warhol: “I want to die with my blue jeans on.”

Pyongyang photography zine by Nicole Reed printed by Newspaper Club

Pyongyang by Nicole Reed

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

On assignment in Pyongyang, DPRK (North Korea), Melbourne-based photographer Nicole Reed “ended up with a lot of images taken in between shoots that I wanted to share, but wasn’t quite sure how.” As the images have a lot of small details, “they needed to be seen larger than on a phone or tablet,” she says. “The tabloid newspaper was the perfect solution.”

COMPOP posters printed on newsprint


Digital broadsheet printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

COMERCIO POPULAR is a Chicago-based brand showcasing the best of contemporary Mexican design. For the launch of their first pop-up market, COMPOP, they created a series of colourful posters using our digital broadsheets and made in collaboration with designer Johnson Yur.

Look At Us zine by Gena Tuso


Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Featuring portraits of musicians in Los Angeles shot on 35mm and instant film, LOOK AT US is a new zine from artist and musician Gena Tuso. The second issue, printed on our digital tabloids, launched at the LA Art Book Fair.

Tuso had previously put the zine together by handing, cutting and pasting spreads together and Xeroxing them. The shift to newsprint was “so refreshing!” she says. “The images were much more vibrant which showed off the subjects in a very special way.” Designed by Carolyn Kelly.

EVERYDAY Q by John J. Hutchison and Jonathan N. Saunders photography zine printed by Newspaper Club

EVERYDAY Q by John Hutchison and Jonathan Saunders

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

Photographers John Hutchison and Jonathan Saunders say they’ve followed each other’s work for 28 years. Having collaborated sporadically over that time, they’ve now launched a quarterly publication combining their images, printed on our digital tabloids. They’ll be sharing the newspapers “among friends and a random selection of esteemed targets.”

Daniel Hager photography portfolio printed by Newspaper Club

Daniel Hager portfolio

Traditional tabloid printed on 70gsm bright paper

As a commercial photographer, Zurich-based Daniel Hager has worked with clients including Mulberry, Samsung and Delta. In this tabloid portfolio he showcases highlights from over 22 years of work with a focus on landscapes, from the Semien Mountains in Ethiopia to Kumano Kodo in Japan. “I enjoyed choosing and combining pictures,” Hager says. “And it was very nice to see my pictures on paper and hold them in my hands.”

Print to the People poster printed by Newspaper Club

Print To The People

Traditional tabloid printed on 52gsm recycled newsprint

Print To The People is an artist-led social enterprise dedicated to the production and promotion of traditional printmaking processes. Located in Norwich, the organisation provides accessible printmaking facilities for artists, designers, students, community groups and the public, as well as printmaking courses and mobile print activities.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary this year, members of the studio put together this newspaper “as a kind of time capsule” highlighting their favourite projects and people who are involved with the studio. Design by Florence Lily Skeels with text by Kellee Rich.

Koak exhibition catalogue for Holding Breath printed by Newspaper Club

Holding Breath by Koak

To coincide with her first UK solo exhibition, Holding Breath, Los Angeles-based artist Koak published this broadsheet catalogue – it folds out into a poster of the title painting and features an essay by poet Lara Schoorl. (Read our interview with Koak from 2017 about her exhibition Bathers)

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