17 Newspapers We Loved in 2017

17 Newspapers We Loved in 2017

Before turning the page on this year, we're flipping through some of the newspapers we loved in 2017.

The inventive mix of publications below shows just how hard it is to answer the question "So what kind of stuff do you print at Newspaper Club?" Here's to more creative and impossible-to-categorise projects in 2018.

Shillington Post newspaper

Shillington Post

Shillington Post shows current and prospective students what’s happening around Shillington’s creative campuses. Inside are interviews with creative leaders, advice from grads and, in this issue, a pull-out poster by illustrator – and Shillington alum – Gavin Feiritear.

The Nosey Issue is a follow-up to a newspaper graphic designer Johanne Lian Olsen printed with us last year, The Eye of the Beholder, a publication all about eyes. This new issue focuses on noses, in all their forms.

Photo via Johanne Lian Olsen
The Nosey Issue

Here's a fun way to keep your design skills sharp: Johanne Lian Olsen practices making layouts by printing newspapers about the body. Last year she investigated the mysteries of eyes; this time she picked noses (sorry).

Moomins at Kew Gardens newspaper

Moomins at Kew Gardens

Did you spot the Hemulen at Kew Gardens this spring? We were delighted to print the newspaper activity guide for Moomin Adventures, a festival celebrating Tove Jansson’s curious characters at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Art Department zine from Youtube creative team

YouTube Community

YouTube's creative department spruced up their office with a wall of posters from this collaborative zine. Sticking to a colour palette meant "each spread could sing on its own, yet feel like part of a greater whole," they told us.

Miller Goodman newsprint catalogue

Miller Goodman

With a set of 25 wooden blocks from Miller Goodman, you can create thousands of surprising creatures and geometric images. See some of the endless possible arrangements in this catalogue, which celebrates 10 years of stylish, beautiful toy design from the Brighton-based company.

Quentin Blake "The Only Way to Travel" exhibition newspaper.

Quentin Blake's The Only Way to Travel

An ordinary catalogue wouldn’t do for an exhibition of Quentin Blake’s biggest works ever. Instead, the artist chose a huge broadsheet to showcase some of the 100+ new drawings he made for Jerwood Gallery in Hastings. (Read more about Blake's creative process.)

New York Times Magazine type specimen newspaper

NYT Mag Type

For an exhibition showcasing The New York Times Magazine’s most memorable covers, spreads, and special issues since its 2015 redesign, design director Gail Bichler and art director Matt Willey produced this neat type specimen. “We kept it classic and printed the whole thing in black,” Bichler says. “But opted for the salmon newsprint to give it a pop of color.”

Christopher Raeburn newsprint lookbook. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Christopher Raeburn

What do you wear to the Gobi desert? You might not find a practical answer in Christopher Raeburn's Spring Summer 2018 lookbook, but we love his inventive take on dressing for extreme landscapes.


Exercises in Seating

Take a seat – or 42 seats, as you'll find in this zine published by Dent-De-Leone. In his experimental ode to chairs – the 2nd edition of a newspaper first printed in 2015 – designer Max Lamb blurs the line between furniture and artwork.

Deluxe: Drift Record Shop newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.


Deluxe highlights the latest music to hit the ever-changing shelves of Drift Record Shop in Devon. It's our longest-running mini publication – we've been printing it since 2012! (Follow a previous issue of Deluxe through the press in our "Making of a Mini" video.)

Tame Impala newspaper zines

Tame Impala

Speaking of new music: For the release of their latest album, Currents, pysch pop band Tame Impala printed a mini zine – with 3 different covers – filled with photos and scribbles for a candid glimpse into the making of the music.

Lecture in Progress newspaper

Lecture in Progress

What’s a typical day like for the Art Director at Wieden+Kennedy, or a freelance production designer working with Kanye West and Kylie Minogue? Lecture in Progress, a new resource for creatives, produced by It’s Nice That co-founders Will Hudson and Alec Bec, wants to lift the veil on jobs like these and others across the industry. This print embodiment of the platform features a selection of honest, insightful interviews published on the site so far.


Magnum Photos Authentic Visual Storytelling

Magnum Photos represents some of the most diverse and unique perspectives in modern photography. Here, they showcase visual storytelling in the advertising and corporate world – like Martin Parr's short film clips for the BBC and Alex Majoli's shots at the Kobe Academy for Nike.

Libreria per Ragazzi Momo newspaper Spunk

Libreria per Ragazzi Momo

Kids who love to read are bound to want to pick up a newspaper. Especially this one – filled with comics, games, city maps and short stories – published by Libreria per Ragazzi Momo, a children's bookshop in Ravenna, Italy.


Liberty London Food Hall

Take a bite out of this newspaper from Liberty London, announcing their new Mini British Food Hall. Featuring recipes inspired by local produce and introductions to the 15 illustrators – including Rob Bailey, Margaux Carpentier and Louise Lockhart (aka The Printed Peanut) – behind the playful packaging.

Tom Dixon newspaper catalogue printed by Newspaper Club

Tom Dixon

Salmon newsprint compliments the moody purple tones of Tom Dixon’s glassware catalogue, and an oversized broadsheet accentuates the elegant shapes of his designs.



This is the third issue of Girlfans, a zine exploring what female fans really wear to football games: customised scarves, flowers in club colours, temporary (or not) tattoos and other fashion that's not sold in the team gift shop. In a sport that’s become heavily commercialised, the project shows there’s still a place for individual expression.

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