The Making of a Traditional Mini Newspaper (Video)

Minis are our smallest format and, unlike tabloids and broadsheets, they're stapled and trimmed after printing – like a magazine. These little newspapers make a big impression and there are tons of ways to use them: catalogues, zines, portfolios, event programmes (like the Stack Awards!) and even sushi menus.

So how do we turn huge sheets of newsprint into neat minis? If you watched our first behind-the-scenes video, you know how our traditional printing process works – for minis, we just add a few extra steps at the end.

In our new video, see how it all comes together in the making of Deluxe – a zine from Drift Record Shop in Devon and our longest-running mini publication. We've been printing it since 2012!

Booklet-sized mini newspapers are a neat way to share your story.

Make a mini newspaper

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