How we make mini newspapers (video)

Mini magazines printed by Newspaper Club

Let's hear it for mini newspapers! Our smallest size is a neat, zine-style format that's popular for catalogues, portfolios, reports, event programmes and even wedding invitations. See some of the creative ways our customers use them in our roundup of 6 ways to stand out with mini newspapers.

But what happens behind the scenes to make a mini? How do we turn a big reel of newsprint like this:

newsprint reels

...into a booklet-sized mini? Minis are printed just like our tabloids and broadsheets – watch our traditional press in action! – but are then folded, stapled and trimmed for a more compact result.

(We recycle all of the paper waste created when trimming minis – 80% gets turned into recycled newsprint and 20% is shredded and used as to make bedding for farm animals!)

See how it all comes together in the making of Deluxea traditional mini from Drift Record Shop in Devon and our longest-running mini publication. We've been printing it since 2012!


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You can print your own mini newspaper from just 1 copy. Get started with a free sample pack.

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