A tiny newspaper hidden inside Intermezzi


This is Intermezzi by Henriette Klara Artz. You might think it looks more like a book than a newspaper – and you'd be right.

But tucked inside this lovely illustrated book is, in fact, a lovely newspaper. Or rather, small pieces of a newspaper. It looks like this:


Intermezzi, which means "interludes" in Italian, is comprised of small, quiet absurdities drawn from real life. The carefully interspersed slips of newsprint at once interrupt and enrich the narrative of the book. They're interludes amidst interludes. Henriette tells us how the idea came about:

"Intermezzi is a collection of observations from public spaces, snippets of conversations, and quick sketches. The episodes are about things we see all day, like crazy kids in the tube, selfies in the aquarium, or shopping at IKEA."


"To capture these funny observations I started to sketch in different spots in public and filled one small sketchbook in an hour."

Henriette Klara Artz newspaper Intermezzi

"From that point I developed more detailed and finished drawings, but I still wanted to have the sketches presented as short moments in the book."


"So I printed them in their real size in a digital tabloid newspaper and bound them in between the stories. The thin newspaper underlines the character of the sketches and built a nice contrast to the other drawings."


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