10 newspapers hot off the press in May

May Newspaper Roundup by Newspaper Club

Every month, we put together a roundup to show all the creative and unique ways our customers use newspapers.

This time, we've got product brochures, a newspaper-turned-menu and fantasy-inspired interactive newspaper - plus more!

Keep scrolling for 10 fantastic projects hot off the press in May.

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Ocean Bottle brochure printed by Newspaper Club

Eco express

UK-based Ocean Bottle is a certified B-Corp that, since launching in 2019, have prevented over 1 billion plastic bottles from reaching our oceans. Their award-winning reusable bottles are recyclable and part-made from recycled ocean plastic. 

They recently printed a digital tabloid to serve as a "distinctive brand takeaway" at their trade shows. The print features their products whilst introducing potential leads to their story and mission.

"While we typically minimise our use of print across the business, we always prioritise high-quality materials and methods when we do use it." says Trade Marketing Manager Luke Caddel. "We value Newspaper Club for their exceptional quality, and the option to use FSC paper that is 100% recycled is an additional bonus!"

''We value Newspaper Club for their exceptional quality, and the option to use FSC paper that is 100% recycled is an additional bonus!''

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Pip & Nut Newspaper by Newspaper Club

Pip prints

Since 2015, British food brand Pip & Nut have been creating natural peanut and almond butters with no palm oil or unnecessary ingredients. 

Choosing our digital tabloids for a 'top secret project', they printed The Impulse Insider to share stats, stories and spread the word of their sustainability mission. The custom print plays on classic newspaper features including horoscopes, an 'agony aunt' section and music charts, with the mission to "bring some fun to the world of confectionery" notes creative designer Katie Collins. 

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Macellaio Menu, printed by Newspaper Club

Menu memoir

Macellaio RC is a growing family of four Italian restaurants around London, famous for their fine steaks sourced from the mountain valleys of Northern Italy. 

The restaurants take pride in sourcing authentic Italian ingredients, and providing "food with utmost respect" for an "unparalleled dining experience".

They recently printed their new menu using our traditional tabloids, adding a fun, unique twist to their restaurants. Featuring food, drink and pricing, the print also highlights their quality products and cooking methods.

"We find it so funny seeing our customers with an open newspaper at the table," says Macellaio. "Our restaurants are full of smiles when people open the newspaper for the first time and realise that it is, in fact, a menu!"

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The Daily Runner printed by Newspaper Club

Running riot

After the 'Hardest Geezer' Russ Cook ran the entire length of Africa in 2024 (that's over 360 marathons!), illustrator Emma Glade felt inspired. Introducing 'The Daily Runner'; "a testament to human grit, perseverance and the power of believing in yourself, delivered in a daily dose of inspiration". 

Printed on our digital broadsheets, Emma chose the newspaper format for its historical connection. "Newspapers have documented incredible feats for centuries, making them a trusted source for inspiring stories. This format allows viewers to connect with Russell Cook's journey in a way that feels timeless", she explains. 

''Newspapers have documented incredible feats for centuries, making them a trusted source for inspiring stories.''

The print features illustrations, posters, meaningful quotes and lots of inspiration for readers.

"I've received fantastic feedback on this project," notes Emma. "People particularly appreciate how the newspaper format allows Russell Cook's unique voice to shine through, truly capturing his 'Hardest Geezer' spirit."

The Daily Runner by Emma Glade, printed by Newspaper Club

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Never Fully Dressed printed by Newspaper Club

Fashion forward

UK fashion brand Never Fully Dressed is on a mission to transform your wardrobe with the launch of 'NFD Pre-Loved'. Launched over two years ago, the project was launched to help encourage the life cycle of wardrobes across the UK, encouraging customers to swap, trade and earn points when recycling their clothing.

To help promote the project, the team chose to print a digital tabloid to spread awareness within their stores across the UK, as well as exciting announcements on pre-loved events and exclusive giveaways!

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The OST News printed by Newspaper Club

Community chronicle

Old School Thornhill is a Scotland-based entrepreneurial space supporting community groups, charities, small businesses and creatives based in the local area. To date, they've raised £2.5 million for the project, helping to foster creative collaboration and benefit the surrounding rural villages. 

After 7 years of restoring, the team chose print to help celebrate the re-opening of the old school. The traditional tabloid featured a wide range of submissions of community members helping to invite people to the official launch party, while telling the story of the refurbishment of the school. 

The reactions from the community have been "hugely positive," says project manager Samuel Sparrow, and it helped to successfully encourage lots of new member sign-ups.

"Our opening event was very well attended and a huge success, and this coincided with the newspaper hitting people's doorstep, courtesy of the distribution provided by Newspaper Club".

If you'd like help with the distribution of your newspaper, this is a service we can offer (depending on your location). Get in touch when placing an order at support@newspaperclub.com

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Springlore printed by Newspaper Club

Spring's song

Based in Scotland, Hospitalfield is a historical building dedicated to contemporary art and ideas, serving as a place to work, study, learn, visit and enjoy for the local community. 

This year, Hospitalfield joined forces with Artist Fiona McCubbin to invite a small group to explore the subtle seasonal shifts of Spring in the gardens. Over weeks, the group recorded changes through image making and botanical dying, resulting in a collaborative botanical sculpture marking the beginning of spring

To showcase their results, the team chose a zine-style digital mini called Springlore.

"It was so satisfying to be able to share a publication as a memento of the project that everyone had worked so hard on together," says Programme Manager Kirsten Wilson. "We wanted something to feel like a zine and to be easily shareable, so a newspaper was perfect for that!".

Springlore for Hospitalfield, printed by Newspaper Club

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The Adventurers Post 'Norfolk Libraries' by Newspaper Club

Norfolk news 

Founded in 2020, The Wayward Adventurers Guild offers "community and camaraderie" to fantasy artists of all ages. The team recently designed and illustrated The Adventurers Post, supported by Norfolk Heritage Centre and Norfolk Libraries.

Funded by Arts Council England and Anguish's Educational Foundation, the digital tabloid is a free newspaper packed with fantasy activities like character design and mapmaking.

Founder Jasmine O'Hare says they've had" really positive and exciting feedback," with the printed format making "it feel more special and immersive as if it's from a fantasy world." 

Jasmine loved the process of creating the newspaper, with our free sample pack providing lots of help during the process. "The sample pack was so helpful and comprehensive, especially the colour chart and typeface weight advice," she says.

The Adventurers Post by The Wayward Adventurers Guild, printed by Newspaper Club

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WattsUp by Consultiv Utilities, printed by Newspaper Club

Utilities updates

Consultiv Utilities are UK-based industry experts in all things business utilities. The team recently designed WattsUp on our digital tabloids; a quarterly company newsletter to showcase company and employee achievements.

The team wanted a quarterly update with a difference, in addition to a physical product they could store within the company archives. 

According to Marketing Manager Megan Scott, it's been very well received. "Our employees love the print format as they find it much more interactive than a company email. We've had lots of positive comments from the teams!" she says. 

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Sweet Bippy Press printed by Newspaper Club

Sweet success

Sweet Bippy Press is a family-run greeting card company based in Petaluma, California. They hand-print each card on vintage letterpress machines using FSC-Certified paper, century-old printing techniques, and "a healthy dose of love". 

When preparing for a recent trade show, the team opted for our digital minis to showcase their products. Featuring the story of their company, price lists and striking visuals, the zine was a hit.

"The newspaper is exactly what we needed, and they were so well received!" notes owner Michael Rylander.

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