The ultimate guide to making a bachelor or bachelorette party newspaper (with examples!)

Bachelor and Bachelorette Newspapers by Newspaper Club

Are you gearing up to host a memorable bachelor or bachelorette party (or a hen or stag do if you're in the UK!) for your best friend or loved one? Or maybe you're a bride or groom-to-be, planning the ultimate get-together with your nearest and dearest?

We've got the perfect companion for your celebration - a bespoke bachelor or bachelorette party newspaper!

Whether it's reliving funny memories, sharing heartfelt messages or a handy itinerary for guests, a custom-designed newspaper is a creative way to make the party even more memorable.

There’s no minimum order, so they work for any bachelor or bachelorette, no matter how big or small. We've also got free design templates to make it extra easy.

In this guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to make your own bachelor or bachelorette party newspaper with easy-to-follow steps on how to design it, what to include and how to print. We've also got lots of examples and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

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Morgan's Bachelorette Newspaper by Newspaper Club

What to include in your bachelor or bachelorette party newspaper

So, you've got a bachelor or bachelorette party planned, and there's only one thing missing - a custom newspaper!

This is your opportunity to be as creative as possible to make the newspaper truly unique for the bride or groom. 

The first step is to write down everything you'd like to include in the newspaper, in addition to essential information that guests may need to know.

Need inspiration? Here’s a list of ideas to include:

• Personalised messages. Feature messages from friends and family congratulating the bride or groom.

• Funny stories. This is your chance to (kindly) embarrass them! Share amusing anecdotes and stories from the couple's past adventures or embarrassing moments from the bride or groom.

• Itinerary. Give the guests an overview of essential information for the bachelor or bachelorette party, such as a packing list, activities and locations.

• Bucket list. Create a bucket list of activities the bride or groom must complete before the wedding day.

• Photo collage. Compile a collage of photos showcasing memorable moments with the bride or groom.

• Quiz. Include a fun quiz about the couple's relationship or their likes and dislikes.

• Advice column. Invite guests to share marriage advice or humorous tips for the future spouse.

• Horoscopes. Create fun horoscopes predicting the bride or groom's future married life.

• Playlist. Include a QR code linking to a playlist for the bachelor or bachelorette party so guests can add their favourite songs.

• Trivia. Include trivia about the bride or groom for guests to test their knowledge.

• Games. Like a fun crossword puzzle or word search.

• Inside jokes. If you and the bride or groom have shared inside jokes or funny memories, include them alongside memes or humorous captions to keep it as light-hearted as possible.

• Meet the guests. Introduce the guests of the bachelor or bachelorette party by creating individual profiles including a photo, a short bio and how they know the bride or groom. 

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Choosing your newspaper format

You can choose from 3 different sizes for your newspaper: minitabloid (the most popular format for our newspapers!) or broadsheet.

You can also choose from a range of different papers. All of our papers are FSC-certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests. (You can read more on our Environment page.)

We recommend ordering a free sample pack to see all of our sizes and papers in person. Our samples also include colour charts and photos so you can get a feel for how your design will look in print.

Get free samples

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Morgan's Bachelorette Party printed by Newspaper Club

How to design your bachelor or bachelorette party newspaper

After you’ve picked your format, you’re ready to make your newspaper.

Now, do you want to design your newspaper from scratch or use a customisable template?

You can use any design software to create your newspaper as long as your file is set up according to our artwork guidelines.

If you want to design it yourself

The fastest way to design a newspaper yourself is to start with our free templates. They're set up with the correct dimensions for our sizing and include margins.

Canva template for all minis
Canva template for all tabloids

Canva template for digital broadsheet
Canva template for traditional broadsheet

See them all alongside our handy step-by-step guide here:

See themed Canva templates

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Blake's Bachelor Party printed by Newspaper Club

Printing your bachelor or bachelorette party newspaper

When you’ve finished designing, you need to download your newspaper as a PDF. Just follow the steps in Canva’s video: How to download your Canva design as a PDF.

Check your PDF closely after downloading to make sure the final PDF matches up with your design in Canva. In some cases, the Canva export process can produce unexpected changes to the PDF. We print the PDF that you upload, so always double-check your PDF before ordering.

When you're ready to order, click the blue 'upload PDF' button at the top right of our website. You'll be able to create a Newspaper Club account and upload your PDF:

upload PDF button

Our automatic PDF checker will flag up anything that may cause printing issues, like low-resolution images or content in the margins. If you need any help with your PDF, just write to our friendly team at

Want to order a test copy? For digitally printed orders, it’s easy to print one copy to test your design and images. If you’re planning a bigger order, get in touch with our team about a free or discounted test copy.

When will your newspapers arrive? Delivery takes 1 - 7 working days in the UK, and slightly longer for overseas. Check our delivery calculator to see when to expect your order to arrive.

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Need more inspiration?

Here's some fantastic, innovative examples of how members of our creative community have created custom bachelor or bachelorette party newspapers for their loved ones, or for themselves!

Val's Bach printed by Newspaper Club

A helpful packing list

For her bachelorette party in Austin, designer Valerie Thompson put together a weekend guide on our digital minis featuring an itinerary of events, packing list and directory of helpful contact numbers.

“I really wanted it to be playful and feel like a zine,” says Valerie, who also added “purely aesthetic” pages to break up the need-to-know info. “My friends loved receiving them. Being able to take it home as a souvenir made the weekend feel even more like a trip to remember.”

Ben there, Henley That stag do newspaper printed by Newspaper Club

A trip down memory lane

During the planning of childhood friend Ben's stag do, a group of his closest friends joined forces to create a humorous tribute in the form of a custom newspaper! The digital tabloid was a comical journey through Ben's past, blending nostalgic family photos with fun anecdotes from his youth.

The print featured a heartfelt glimpse into his relationship timeline with his soon-to-be wife Ashling, in addition to witty messages from all the guests (or should we say stags!). Finished off with hilarious tales of friendship and, of course, a collection of embarrassing photos of Ben.

Blake's Bachelor Party printed by Newspaper Club

A bachelor momento

Following a trip to Miami for friend Blake's bachelor party, attendee Amy McNeil felt inspired to document the memories. "We took loads of phone and film photos, so I thought it would be a nice keepsake to have something printed", she says.

Our digital minis provided the ideal canvas for a vintage-style zine infused with Miami-inspired styling. The result was a fun, memorable photobook of the bachelor weekend's adventures that was gifted to Blake on his wedding day.

Morgan's Bachelorette newspaper by Newspaper Club

Pinterest print

For her best friend Morgan's bachelorette, best friend (and graphic designer!) Kate got working on something extra special. "I got the idea for a newspaper after the bride sent out her Pinterest board for the bachelorette party. A lot of the images featured hotel robes, vintage sunglasses and newspapers," she recalls. "I thought, what better gift for the bride than a personalised newspaper to mark the occasion!".

Featuring personal stories from other guests, notes from her family, a fun crossword puzzle and a feature from the groom, the digital tabloid was a hit. "The bride absolutely loved it and said it was something she would keep forever", says Kate.

Morgan's Bachelorette by Newspaper Club

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Any questions?

If you have any questions about making your own bachelor or bachelorette party newspaper, we're here to help! Just write to our team at

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