8 newspapers hot off the press in February

February Roundup by Newspaper Club

Every month, we put together a roundup to show all the creative and innovative ways our customers use newspapers. This time, join the celebration as a digital newsletter transforms into a physical edition for the first time, and witness how brands are redefining marketing materials with print - plus more!

Keep scrolling for 8 inspiring projects hot off the press in February.

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Coolstuff.nyc by Newspaper Club

Cool creative

coolstuff.nyc, the cutting-edge NYC newsletter showcasing arts and culture, marked a major milestone with its 200th edition. To celebrate, the team transformed the digital newsletter into a physical format for the first time, using our digital tabloids.

The anniversary edition featured interviews, a top thrift store map and a list of the 30 Best Restaurants in NYC. This newspaper became a party favour during the celebration, adding a tangible presence to the digital platform.

''Just as you remember a physical invitation more than a text message, we felt this paper was a great way to make our digital newsletter a true presence at our party.''

Designers Anna & Garrett Albury enjoyed "breaking the bounds of web design" when bringing the print to life. They said "Designing for the screen can be limiting. For this newspaper, we thought "what are some wild things we've always wanted to do, but haven't been able to?".

Coolstuff.nyc by Newspaper Club

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Newspaper Club for Food Huggers

Sustainability show

Sustainable US-based Food Huggers are on a mission to offer customers solutions that make adopting sustainable habits easy. They collaborated with Blukki from 99 Designs to create their January 2024 product catalogue on our digital minis.

The quarterly updated zine has become a vital tool for the sales team and retailers, with the brand crediting the catalogue for driving additional orders as customers learn more about their eco-friendly products.

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Eskayel by Newspaper Club

Nostalgic news

New York and LA based Textile Design Studio Eskayel collaborated with creative agency Company Policy to design a nostalgic newspaper to celebrate their 15th year anniversary. 

They chose our traditional tabloids due to the low-cost printing fees and the lightweight format that could easily be sent in the mail.

“The best part for the team was looking through all the memories from the past 15 years” says Shanan Campanaro, and they were delighted with the outcome, noting that “Printing and shipping was fast, and the colour was great!”.

Eskayel by Newspaper Club

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HUMANRACE by Newspaper Club

Skin stories

Established by music producer Pharrell Williams in 2020, Humanrace is a universal skincare brand with a core commitment to sustainability and accessibility. Using our digital tabloids, the brand created Selected Works 2023, a curated collection highlighting their most defining projects of the year.

The intention was to showcase their year in a compelling and celebratory way, harnessing the power of print to deliver an authentic and tangible format.

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Perfume prints

The Chicago-based independent perfumery, Clue Perfumery, chose print to encapsulate the essence of their debut fragrance collection. 

Collaborating with Caleb Vanden Boom for the design, they opted for our digital broadsheets, leveraging the large canvas to showcase all important information "on a single sheet in a visually striking way." The newspaper was designed to provide a meaningful takeaway from their launch event, offering a visual storytelling experience.

''The newspapers were a hit and we ran out almost immediately! We quickly ordered more and then decided to include them with our sample kit orders.''

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The Macaroon Bible by Newspaper Club

Baking bible

Fuelled by twin passions for baking and design, Ashlyn Elggren wanted to create a comprehensive guide dedicated to the art of perfecting macarons. The goal of The Macaron Bible, printed on our digital minis, was to share insights, techniques and creative tips to make the process more accessible and enjoyable for fellow baking enthusiasts. 

''Since this was a personal passion project, I have had the delight of gifting the newspaper to close friends, family and coworkers. I have found that it has made an incredible and thoughtful gift, especially when paired with some homemade macarons!''

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Power & Light Press by Newspaper Club

Power piece

Power and Light Press, a letterpress company based in New Mexico, specialises in greeting cards infused with their distinctive sense of humour. Owner Kyle Durrie aspired to re-define marketing materials with our traditional tabloids, creating a print that "would stand apart from the typical product catalogue or line sheet".

Prioritising the tactile quality and nostalgic appeal of print over digital media, the newspaper helped bring their vision to life whilst our Canva templates served as a helpful starting point.

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The Hay Festival by Newspaper Club

Inspire & interact

The Hay Festival, an annual literature celebration in Powys, Wales, aspires to inspire and entertain through sustainable events. In collaboration with Liz Price of Chipper Designs, the festival used our traditional tabloids to create The Hay Festival Scribblers Tour Newspaper. 

This bilingual tool plays a vital role in supporting Festival outreach initiatives, helping to facilitate connections between authors and students across Wales.

Crafted to be a takeaway from the festival, the newspaper is designed to serve as more than just a keepsake. It also functions as a handy interactive worksheet, aiding learning both during and after attendance at the festival.

The Hay Festival by Newspaper Club

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