8 newspapers hot off the press in August


August 2023 Newspaper Club print roundup

Every month, we put together a roundup to show all the creative ways our customers use newspapers. This time we've got a zine for artful gardeners, a wedding programme that went viral, a bakery cooking up a new way to connect with customers – plus more! Keep scrolling for 8 inspiring newspapers hot off the press in August.

Garden-People mini zine by Ginnie Hsu, Jessica Roux, and Libby VanderPloeg. Printed by Newspaper Club

Soil stories

The Garden People is a collaborative zine written, illustrated and designed by three artists who share a love of gardening: Ginnie Hsu, Jessica Roux and Libby VanderPloeg. They’re using the digital mini to share knowledge and build community with other creative folks who love getting into the weeds of gardening.

"We were honestly in awe of how quickly our newspaper was printed and shipped. What a treat it was to open that box!"

“People love the format and portable size of the mini zine,” says Libby, who adds that they’ve already heard from several artists with an interest in contributing to future issues. “Newsprint is perfect for a gardening-themed publication because it’s compostable: remove the staples and toss it into the compost pile when you’re done with it. Though we wouldn’t mind if our readers wanted to keep it in their zine collection forever!”

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Oba-Oba comics zine by Pietro Soldi and Thiago A.M.S. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Colossal comics

Printed as a digital tabloid, OBA OBA is a comics anthology featuring the work of Brazilian artists Pietro Soldi and Thiago A.M.S. “We wanted to print our comics big, so we had no doubt we wanted to use the tabloid format,” says Pietro, who took the newspaper to a comics fair (below) and says the large format helped it stand out.

Pietro Soldi

“The final result looks fantastic and made me super proud of the work," says Pietro." We got a bunch of positive feedback about it and couldn't be happier with how it turned out!”

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Pophams Journal newspaper for Pophams bakery. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Pastry pages

Fresh from the oven and hot off the press! London bakery Pophams is cooking up a new way to connect with customers using our mini newspapers. Pophams Journal, published quarterly, serves up recipes to try at home, interviews with the local community and updates on their charity projects.

“We have them in all of our bakeries and customers flick through them over their coffee and pastries,” says creative director Lucy McWhirter. The second issue of Pophams Journal is available now – in case you need another excuse to visit to the bakery!

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The Big Draw 2023 festival programme newspaper printed by Newspaper Club

Sensory sketches

Every year The Big Draw hosts a worldwide festival of drawing. The theme for 2023 is ‘Drawing with Senses’ and they’re using our (very tactile!) digital tabloids as a resource for event organisers. The newspaper features activity ideas and tips for running events, plus interviews with artists who use a number of different senses to create their artwork.

"We've been inundated with people asking how they can get their hands on one!"

“We felt this size was a perfect way to pack in all of the fantastic resources for our audience, while also showing off our fab psychedelic design,” says head of operations Sandra Borszcz. “We've been inundated with people asking how they can get their hands on one!” Designed by Lightship Print Shop.

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The Webby Awards 2023 programme printed by Newspaper Club

Web wonders

This year marked the 27th edition of The Webby Awards, which celebrates “excellence on the Internet” – from social media to newsletters to podcasts and everything in between. The event’s programme has been printed on our mini newspapers since 2013. It’s “compact and easy to design,” says production director Emma Whitfield, who adds that they love “seeing all the fun ads from our partners” come to life in print.

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Newlywed Times wedding newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Newsworthy newlyweds

Creative bride Dri Buono Patel added a special touch to her wedding day with DIY newspapers, printed on our digital tabloids. Using our vintage-themed Canva template as a starting point, she crafted a 4-page design featuring their love story and engagement photos, plus venue information, guest awards and games.

Newlywed Times wedding newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

“The DIY newspapers were one of the most talked-about details at our wedding!” says Dri. But it wasn’t just Dri’s wedding guests who loved the newspaper – her video about it went viral on TikTok with almost 400,000 views.

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Barefaced beauty zine printed by Newspaper Club

Glow guide

Skincare brand Barefaced printed this digital mini to share at their first brand pop-up in Los Angeles. It includes an introduction to their product line alongside skincare tips and a note from founder Jordan Harper. “We wanted something easy to hand out and fun to hold,” says designer Lexie Tiongson. “People loved having this zine to flip through at the event!”

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Prairie Interiors promotional broadsheet printed by Newspaper Club

Decor dispatch

California-based Prairie Interiors is celebrating 10 years of creating stunning spaces in a big way. They're using our oversized digital broadsheets to share their story and how far they’ve come since starting as a design boutique in 2013. Making a newspaper offered Prairie Interiors a chance to reflect, inspire and show that they're not just designing spaces – they're crafting experiences.

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