8 newspapers to inspire you in March

Newspaper Club print roundup March 2023

Every month, we put together a roundup to show all the creative ways our customers use newspapers. In this edition: a 100th birthday celebration, a community wheat growing project and photos from the Highland Games – plus more. Here are 8 newspapers to inspire you in March.

100th birthday party newspaper created with our free Canva template. Designed by Anna Stothard and printed by Newspaper Club.

Celebrating a century

Live through a whole century and you'll have seen a lot of headlines. But Dr. Peter Emerson, who turned 100 years old last month, had never seen a front page like the one his granddaughter Anna created to surprise him and the guests at his birthday party. "It was a huge success!" she says. "He loved it."

Anna used our vintage-themed Canva template to make the newspaper, swapping our placeholders for her own text and family photos:

100th birthday party newspaper created with our free Canva template. Designed by Anna Stothard and printed by Newspaper Club.

In fact, this was the very first newspaper using this Canva template that we printed. We were so excited to see how Anna transformed the layout into her own unique design – and for such a special occasion, no less! Printed on our digital tabloids.

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Braemar Gathering Highland Games photo zine by Edd Horder. Printed in our digital mini newspapers.

Highland history

“I have been fascinated by tradition, ceremony and unique sporting competitions for a number of years,” says photographer Edd Horder about his latest photo essay documenting the Highland Games, which has taken place at the famous Braemar Gathering in the Cairngorms for over 900 years. Edd is sharing his images from the 2022 games in this 48-page digital mini, which he created in collaboration with his wife, designer Zanny Mellor.

“These days we rarely spend much time really looking at how images sit together – that was a brilliant process to go through,” says Edd. “And the feedback has been very positive! People are surprised by the quality of the newspaper print. It’s been a great starting point for meetings and conversations.”

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SUM broadsheet by Brennan Kelly. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Group effort

This digital broadsheet provides a space for projects that are “in progress, abandoned or unaligned with an artist's primary body of work.” Compiled by Toronto-based designer Brennan Kelly, SUM showcases work from 23 artists that may otherwise have gone unseen. 

“I chose the newspaper format partly because it creates an unexpected relationship,” says Brennan. “There’s an expectation that the content of a newspaper will be serious. I hope there’s a moment for every reader when they must reconcile their expectations of the format with the reality of the works they are viewing.”

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YMC brand lookbook catalogue. Printed by Newspaper Club.

London looks

Founded in London in 1995, YMC makes relaxed, workwear-inspired clothing for men and women. They’ve printed their last few lookbooks on our digital tabloids – here’s a sneak peek of their upcoming Pre AW23 collection. Designed by Max Parsons.

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The Invictus student newspaper for Mercia School. Printed by Newspaper Club on digital mini newspapers.

Student scoop

The Invictus is the student newspaper for Mercia School in Sheffield. Printed on our digital minis since 2021, a new issue is published each term featuring articles and creative writing submitted by students from years 7-11. This latest edition covers timely news events including the protests in Iran, reproductive rights, the climate crisis and more.

The Invictus student newspaper for Mercia School. Printed by Newspaper Club on digital mini newspapers.

“We sold out of 80% of the newspapers within a week!” says English teacher Maddie Smith. “It is always a joy to work with Newspaper Club. They are really helpful and make the whole process effortless!”

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The Sheffield Wheatly tabloid newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Wheat sheet

The Sheffield Wheat Experiment was born out of lockdown, when flour disappeared from the supermarket shelves. Now with 250 micro-plots of heritage wheat across the city of Sheffield, and a community of over 1,000 growers, the project is re-imagining how local food systems can work.

“There are so many interests and avenues for exploration involved in our project,” says designer and community manager Hannah Fincham. “A newspaper seemed like the perfect format to hold all the different voices and stories across the gardens and allotments. A piece of design is always transformed once it's on paper and tactile – it’s evidence of how alive and vital what we're doing is!”

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Mexican movie ads broadsheet for Nicole Marroquin exhibition. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Spanish screenings

Artist Nicole Marroquin discovered these vintage ads for Mexican movies at an archive in Chicago while doing research for her current exhibition at the University of Michigan. Originally published in the bilingual newspaper El Informador between 1974-1976, “these movies are an important part of the history of Latinx communities in Chicago,” says Nicole. Her designers, Oscar Solis and D. Josh Cook, suggested she incorporate them into her show in the form of a broadsheet. “The exhibition goes down in a month, but it will have a life afterward because of this newspaper,” says Nicole.

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The Ecology Centre zine printed by Newspaper Club.

Home-grown zine

A newspaper is a great way to get people invested in your community. The Ecology Center, an organic farm and non-profit education centre in Southern California, uses their Grow, Eat, Make zine to share news, interviews and seasonal recipes featuring ingredients from their farm shop. Printed on our digital tabloids.

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