Make a newspaper with our free Canva templates (for weddings, props and more!)

Newspaper templates for Canva

If you love the idea of making your own newspaper but feel stuck when it comes to actually designing it, you're not alone. Since we shared our blank newspaper templates for Canva, we've had lots of requests for Canva templates with editable layouts.

So, we made some! We're starting with 4 templates for popular newspaper themes: weddings, business newsletters, vintage props and celebrations. We hope they’ll kickstart your design process and make it even easier to get your newspaper out into the world.

All of the templates are set up for tabloids, our most popular size, and are compatible with any of our tabloid paper types. If you're printing digitally, you can order from 1 copy.

Below, learn more about using Canva to design your newspaper and look inside our templates. But first! Have you got our free sample pack? It will help you choose the right paper and get a feel for how your design might look in print.

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What is Canva - and why should I use it to make a newspaper? 

Canva is an easy-to-use online graphic design tool. With a free account, you can access a huge library of design assets including photos, illustrations and fonts. Or upgrade to Canva Pro for premium features, like custom fonts and the ability to export your file in CMYK (which is essential for traditional printing).

We've heard from many happy customers who say Canva made it simple – and fun! – to create their newspapers. It's especially popular with those who don't have design experience or access to professional software like InDesign. To learn more about how it works, read How to Use Canva: A Beginner's Guide.

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How to use our newspaper templates

You'll need to sign in to use the templates, so if you don't already have a Canva account then you can sign up for free.

Before you get started, we recommend reading the artwork guidelines for our digital tabloids (if you're printing less than 300 copies) or traditional tabloids (if you're printing over 300 copies).

The templates are all set up for a 4-page layout, but don't let that stop you from adding more pages – tabloids can go up to 64 pages! Just remember that your page count needs to be in multiples of 4 for printing.

All of the templates have been designed to suit a 12-column grid – this grid is set up in Canva using rulers and can be toggled on and off as needed (File > View Settings > Show Rulers and Guides):

Canva newspaper template grids

Keep scrolling to see what's inside each template – or jump straight to a specific template in Canva with the links below:

• Wedding newspaper template
Business newspaper template
• Vintage newspaper template
• Celebration newspaper template

Now, on to the templates!

Wedding newspaper template for Canva

Wedding newspaper template

Tell your guests everything they need to know for your big day, in an eye-catching way. Our wedding newspaper template can work as an invitation or order of service, with plenty of space to share your love story, photos of your wedding party, schedule of events and more. (Want to see how other couples use their newspapers? See 6 ways to wow your wedding guests with a newspaper.)

Use the wedding template

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Business newsletter newspaper template for Canva

Business newspaper template

From internal newsletters to client reports, keep everyone in the loop with a newspaper for your business. This template is set up for articles and big, bold images, plus diagrams and charts that you can edit with your own figures using Canva’s built-in tools. (Want to see how other businesses use their newspapers? Check out 4 Lessons from annual reports people actually want to read.)

Use the business template

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Vintage prop newspaper template for Canva

Vintage newspaper template

Our vintage template is inspired by newspapers of yesteryear, with a blackletter masthead, monochrome theme and traditional layout. Use it as a prop for a play or photoshoot set way back when, or turn it into a gift for someone with an old-school sensibility.

Use the vintage template

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Celebration newspaper template for Canva. Birthday newspaper design.

Celebration newspaper template

Make someone feel extra! extra! special with a newspaper all about them. Our celebration template is perfect for birthdays, graduations and retirements. It opens up into a double-page spread (which can work as a poster!) ready to be filled with photos. Use the space on the back page for warm wishes from friends and family.

Use the celebration template

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Need a hand? 

If it's a Canva-related question, the Canva Help Centre will probably have the answer. If you have any print-related questions, just write to us at and we're happy to help.

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