Print Roundup: September 2019

Newspaper Club print roundup: the best things we printed in August

Every month, we print hundreds of exciting, creative, well-designed newspapers and put together a roundup of our favourites. Below, we've got  back-to-school inspiration in the form of 8 newspapers including an archive of missed connection classifieds, a photo diary from Uganda and a new zine for cinema lovers.

Mâconnais SS2020 Lookbook newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Mâconnais SS2020 Lookbook

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

"I'm a designer based in New York City and created this newspaper for some longtime friends, the co-founders of fashion label Mâconnais. The husband-and-wife team behind the brand were raised in Beijing, China and rural east Texas, and they design sophisticated apparel with a distinct aesthetic at the intersection of Texas trailer trash and Chinese cultures.

The lookbook for their Spring/Summer 2020 line is inspired by the 1984 film Paris, Texas. I referenced 1980s print ephemera from both southwest United States and China, but wanted the photography to take centerstage on minimal layouts. I used one vibrant shade of red to act in graphic contrast to the calm, elevated and airy full-color photographic compositions." —Nicholas Samendinger, designer

Lost Love Notes newspaper printed by Newspaper Club.

Lost Love Notes

Digital tabloied printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

"Lost Love Notes is a collection of New York City missed connections archived from 2011-2018. The project originally began as a Tumblr called "Love in the Time of Missed Connections" and is now an Instagram account @lostlovenote.

This newspaper celebrates the spirit of the original printed classifieds. Copies have been placed in random spots around New York City: in local bookstores and coffee shops and hidden inside free newspaper stands.

I was thrilled to find out about Newspaper Club as I didn't realize how easy it could be to make this long-awaited project a reality! I wanted people to look at this project in an analog form to provoke a sense of nostalgia and awaken that hopeless romantic in all of us." —Frances Marina, designer and founder of Lost Lost Notes

Preston Bus Station newspaper, part of the Preston Is My Paris project founded by Robert Parkinson and Adam Murray. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Preston Bus Station 2019

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

Preston is My Paris, founded in 2009 by Robert Parkinson and Adam Murray, began as a zine encouraging exploration of the northern English city of Preston as a subject for creative practice.

To mark a decade of the project they’ve planned a series of events and re-releases over the next few months, beginning with a package that includes the highly sought-after Preston Bus Station newspaper originally produced in collaboration with photographer Jamie Hawkesworth. (Note: all copies of the re-edition package are now sold out!)

Cover of My Ugandan Diary newspaper by Simonn Walsh. Printed by Newspaper Club.

My Ugandan Diary

Digital tabloid printed on 90gsm bright paper

"In 2016, I spent a couple of weeks in Uganda, helping to deliver a photography workshop at an art college close to Entebbe. I was really interested in the culture and made a lot of portraits while I was there. I also loved the chaos of Kampala juxtaposed against the relative calm of the countryside.

This series of photographs act as a diary and I'm sending the newspapers out to brands and agencies that I want to work with.  I worked with Kyle Shouw on the design— the middle spread folds out and can be used as a poster." —Simon Walsh, photographer

Movie Jawn zine cover with illustrations of Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert from It Happened One Night. Printed by Newspaper Club.


Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

"Moviejawn is a quarterly movie zine and website based in Philadelphia.  Every issue, contributors share new and old flicks on a different theme. It's made by movie fans for the cinematic enthusiast!

This was my first time using Adobe InDesign—I was fearful at first about learning a new program, but I found the program quite intuitive and the folks at Newspaper Club were so friendly and patient. I think our newspaper turned out rather swell, but from the moment I held it in my hands I was already brainstorming how I can improve it! So happy that I stumbled upon Newspaper Club, it's taken our little movie zine to the next level." —Rosalie Kicks, co-founder of Moviejawn

Fifty Places photography zine by Harold Bennett. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Fifty photographs of people, reflections, self-portraits and shadows over two and a half years

Digital tabloid printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

"'Fifty photographs of people, reflections, self-portraits and shadows over two and a half years' is a personal project documenting a selection of my own photography during (most) of my time at university. I wanted to achieve a sense of nostalgia through the publication, something warm and sentimental, for myself and my friends as I reflect back on my time with them." —Harold Bennett, designer

Wines That Deliver zine printed by Newspaper Club

Wines That Deliver

Digital mini printed on 55gsm improved newsprint

"Newsprint has been the perfect medium to capture the tone and character of my grandfather’s artwork, which spanned fifty years between 1925 and 1975. My grandfather courted my grandmother through the U.S. Postal Service with postmarked works of art, and his steady, quirky campaign relied entirely on ink, paper, and a good sense of humor.

Today, my wine business Wines That Deliver conveys this artful story through original, archived artwork and a nod to the days when actual delivery of products and newspapers to your door was a valued service." —Patrick McNeil, founder of Wines That Deliver

11.50 Rediscovering Discovery newspaper by Doug Pedersen, An abstract interactive newspaper celebrating the 50th anniversary of NASA's Apollo moon landings. Printed by Newspaper Club.

11.50 Rediscovering Discovery

"On July 20, 2019, the Apollo 11 moon landing celebrated its 50th anniversary. This newspaper celebrates humankind’s greatest achievement and seeks to evoke the long dormant spirit of exploration and curiosity that brought us there.

11.50 Rediscovering Discovery is an abstract, typography-driven homage to that sense of collective discovery. It’s a hand-made invitation—complete with hand held tools—for readers to explore, learn from, and interact with the icons, facts, and figures that made it possible.All profits from the sale of 11.50 Rediscovering Discovery will be donated to The Planetary Society to further the cause of space exploration."  —Doug Pedersen, artist

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