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When Ian Vince organised a writing workshop at his daughter's primary school, he faced a challenge: how to encourage reluctant writers to get involved?

Putting together a digital tabloid newspaper did the trick. In the end, pupils were thrilled to see their work published in The Longford Examiner and Ian found new ways of working and inspiration from some very imaginative young minds.

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"It’s easy to make newspaper projects educationally sound, but if a project has a few disruptive elements to it, children – who love the suspension of the normal order of things – truly engage in the learning, which was the aim all along. It turned out that the newspaper itself was inspiring (never under-estimate the promise of getting your name in print) even among the digitally-literate under-11s.

The school gained not only a set of interesting challenges that could drive pupil engagement and a stack of left-over newspapers to show prospective parents, but a PR opportunity in the local newspaper."

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