Elevate Your Bridal Ask with Creative Custom Newspapers

Whitney Woof Bridal ask Newspaper

When LA-based photographer and influencer Whitney Woof decided to make her bridal ask party unforgettable, she turned to us at Newspaper Club. What unfolded was a series of ingenious uses of personalised newspapers. Ideas that not only wowed her bridal party but also inspired us with her creativity. Here’s how Whitney used our newspapers to add a personal and unique touch to her special event.

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Personalised Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

Whitney started by adding personalised newspapers to her bridesmaids' gift boxes. Each newspaper was a custom masterpiece, featuring memories, heartfelt messages, and wedding details tailored to each bridesmaid.

Imagine the delight on your bridesmaids' faces as they open their gift boxes to find a newspaper dedicated to them. This is a keepsake they’ll cherish forever.

"When I found Newspaper Club I was amazed by all the different types of newspapers they offered - the perfect combination of DIY and printing expertise that I needed."

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Ingenious Table Settings

At the bridal ask party, Whitney used the newspapers as unique table settings. Each place was set with a personalised newspaper, adding a charming element to the décor.

"I had initially planned to wrap flowers in the newspaper but after receiving them, there was no way I was going to mess these babies up!"

Consider using custom newspapers as placemats or table runners for your next event. It’s a conversation starter and a creative way to share your story with guests.

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Groomsmen and Best Man Invitations

Not stopping at bridesmaids, Whitney printed personalized newspapers to ask the groomsmen to join the wedding party and to invite the best man. Each edition filled with personal anecdotes and reasons why they were chosen for these special roles.

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Matron of Honour and Mom of Honour Requests

Whitney also created personalised newspapers for the matron of honour and the mom of honour. These special editions celebrated their importance in her life and the upcoming wedding, making each request heartfelt and unique.

"I had done some research on how to print them, even asking my local Staples if they could do it (they can't) and after learning all about the different paper types and printer types, I came to the conclusion that this was no job for my local printer."

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Officiant and Special Speech Requests

Lastly, Whitney used personalised newspapers to ask someone to officiate the wedding and to request a special speech. A unique twist to the traditional requests, making them memorable and personal.


"Each one turned out perfect, beyond my expectations and needless to say, everyone was obsessed with their custom newspaper."

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Your Turn: Make Your Event Unique


Whitney’s creative use of our newspapers shows endless possibilities of personalised print. Whether you're planning a bridal ask, a birthday, or any special occasion, custom newspapers can add that unique touch. Imagine the impact of a personalised newspaper for each guest at your next event.

"The team over at Newspaper Club made it so easy and were so quick to help me get these bad boys printed in time for my event."


Ready to get started? Head over to our template gallery and find the perfect design to bring your vision to life. Let Newspaper Club help you make every moment unforgettable.

Make your own newspaper with Newspaper Club. Print runs start at 1 copy!


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