When digital turns tangible! 6 ways brands are turning to physical print to promote their virtual product

Cool Stuff NYC printed by Newspaper Club

There’s a unique trend gaining traction: digital services and brands are embracing physical print to promote their online presence.

This innovative approach not only enhances brand visibility but also offers a tangible connection in an increasingly virtual world.

Here’s a look at how some savvy digital entities are leveraging print to boost their impact.

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Coolstuff.nyc by Newspaper Club

The email newsletter

coolstuff.nyc, the cutting-edge NYC newsletter showcasing arts and culture, marked a major milestone with its 200th edition. To celebrate, the team transformed the digital newsletter into a physical format for the first time, using our digital tabloids.

The anniversary edition featured interviews, a top thrift store map and a list of the 30 Best Restaurants in NYC. This newspaper became a party favour during the celebration, adding a tangible presence to the digital platform.

''Just as you remember a physical invitation more than a text message, we felt this paper was a great way to make our digital newsletter a true presence at our party.''

Designers Anna & Garrett Albury enjoyed "breaking the bounds of web design" when bringing the print to life. They said "Designing for the screen can be limiting. For this newspaper, we thought "what are some wild things we've always wanted to do, but haven't been able to?".

Coolstuff.nyc by Newspaper Club

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ValuedReader by Swindled Podcast, printed by Newspaper Club

The podcast

Swindled is a true-crime podcast utilising narrative storytelling and immersive soundscapes to tell "true stories of white-collar criminals, con artists and corporate evil".

Since 2021, Swindled have printed ValuedReader™ on our traditional tabloids; an annual newsletter to promote the podcast's upcoming seasons. Designed by the in-house team with the help of a few friends and artists, the newspaper is distributed for free to ValuedListeners™ and features engaging puzzles, graphics and a keep-sake poster.

The team admit being "suckers for traditional and analog media", and choose print as many of their listeners "appreciate a physical souvenir in a digital world".

"The feedback has been incredibly positive. Our listeners agree that a custom newspaper is a fun, unique way of communicating."

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Mailchimp Brand Jam newspaper printed by Newspaper Club

The font

Means is the name of Mailchimp's primary brand typeface, an elegant and quirky serif used for headlines across the company's website and communications. This digital tabloid, created by the Mailchimp Brand Design team during their bi-monthly creative Jam session, is a typographic exploration of the custom font.

“We wanted to elevate the work whilst still feeling like it’s an ongoing exploration,” says creative director Christian Widlic about turning the team's brainstorming into a printed souvenir.

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Joseph Foundations printed by Newspaper Club

The ecommerce website

With their latest catalogue, womenswear label JOSEPH shows how brands can use print to drive digital engagement. Featuring model Erin O’Connor MBE, the 20-page broadsheet celebrates the relaunch of their Foundations collection and invites readers into JOSEPH's design studio and atelier in Paris.

A QR code on the last spread of the catalogue leads to additional editorial and film content online — and it's boosted visits to the page by 34%, according to communications director Michelle Cook. Omni-channel experiences like this are "the future of communication," says Michelle.

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Newspaper Club for The Plant

The annual report

London-based The Plant is a digital branding agency with a difference. As a Certified B Corporation®, the agency wanted a sustainable souvenir to celebrate their efforts when releasing their impact report. Instead of creating a standard digital presentation for employees to read, the team chose our digital tabloids to help grab their reader's attention when sharing their "maximum impact" strategy.

''We chose to have it printed at the Newspaper Club, a company that shares our sustainability values. We used the dormant presses of London's daily newspapers, and all the paper is EU Ecolabel and FSC certified.''

Project Manager Dara Honeysett-Williams says the print was designed to be "engaging and fun" whilst still being "capable of capturing attention while delivering an important message".

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Cash App printed by Newspaper Club

10 Years of Cash App

Cash App recently celebrated its 10 year birthday! As a way to celebrate this significant milestone, Cash App’s internal creative team designed an editorial zine featuring Cash App employees and leadership with their reflections over various years of tenure.

Employees were photographed across multiple office locations across the globe and paired with unique limited-edition “10 Year” artifacts that were designed as part of an internal giveaway experience. Printed on our traditional minis.

"Thank you for such a thoughtful and fun way to celebrate ten years! The designs are amazing."


Zine Design: Sydney Goldstein
Creative Direction: Garrett Prince
Project Lead: Kelly Fitch
Zine Photography: Irida Mete, Paul Carter, Hayden Dib

Cash App printed by Newspaper Club

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