Beauty and the broadsheet! 8 beauty brands making headlines in print

Beauty newspapers, printed by Newspaper Club

As beauty brands look to differentiate themselves in a saturated market, some are finding that the trusty, tangible feel of print offers a fresh and impactful way to connect with their audience. 

From new product launches, props for influencer events and more, see 8 examples below from brands opting to use print to tell their stories.

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Iris & Romeo printed by Newspaper Club

Weekend warriors

Less-is-more beauty brand Iris and Romeo are on a mission to promote beauty minimalism and a sustainable approach to skincare. When promoting their hero product Weekend Skin, they wanted something that was not only informative but also shareable. Our digital tabloids were the perfect solution!

The team created Weekend Skin Edition which was designed to be a "natural extension of an effortless weekend morning, regardless of the day of the week," says Creative Director at Iris & Romeo, Cate White. The print featured editorial images, inspiring articles, recipes and a fun crossword - perfect for an easy Sunday morning!

The Weekend Skin Edition by Iris and Romeo, printed by Newspaper Club

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Broadsheet for Scarlett Johansson's new skincare line The Outset newspaper printed by Newspaper Club.

Star treatment

With an 'uncomplicated' approach to beauty, Scarlett Johansson's skincare line, The Outset, made waves in the industry when it launched. 

But it wasn't just the products (and their sleek minimalist packaging) getting love — Drew Barrymore gave a special shout out to the digital broadsheet included in the starter pack: "First of all you get this amazing magazine — this zine if you will. I mean, look at how beautiful this is," she said on her talk show.

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HUMANRACE by Newspaper Club

Skin stories

Established by music producer Pharrell Williams in 2020, Humanrace is a universal skincare brand with a core commitment to sustainability and accessibility. Using our digital tabloids, the brand created Selected Works 2023, a curated collection highlighting their most defining projects of the year.

The intention was to showcase their year in a compelling and celebratory way, harnessing the power of print to deliver an authentic and tangible format.

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Perfume prints

The Chicago-based independent perfumery, Clue Perfumery, chose print to encapsulate the essence of their debut fragrance collection.

Collaborating with Caleb Vanden Boom for the design, they opted for our digital broadsheets, leveraging the large canvas to showcase all important information "on a single sheet in a visually striking way." The newspaper was designed to provide a meaningful takeaway from their launch event, offering a visual storytelling experience.

''The newspapers were a hit and we ran out almost immediately! We quickly ordered more and then decided to include them with our sample kit orders.''

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Hyper Skin promotional tabloid newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Glow gazette

Hyper Skin made headlines at their recent influencer event with some help from our digital tabloids. Salmon-coloured newsprint was the perfect match for their punchy orange and black brand palette and helped set the scene for eye-catching social content:

Hyper Skin promotional tabloid newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

“There's something extremely charming and nostalgic about a newspaper,” says designer Katrina Romulo. “It was really well-received at the event. Many people took them home!”

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Bread Beauty Supply printed by Newspaper Club

Beauty broadsheet

Taking inspiration from vintage magazines and catalogues, The Daily Bread is Bread Beauty Supply’s playful alternative to the typical press release. Printed on our digital broadsheets, the brand have printed both to celebrate launches in a new country (hello Australia!) or to mark a new product launch.

''The paper allows us to tell the brand story in a really fun way. People absolutely love it!''

“We wanted something that was less wasteful and more interactive than a standard mailer card or excessive collateral,” says founder Maeva Heim “The paper allows us to tell the brand story in a really fun way. People absolutely love it. It’s an unexpected format that takes people by surprise and we've had so much interest in it!".

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Barefaced beauty zine printed by Newspaper Club

Glow guide

Skincare brand Barefaced printed this digital mini to share at their first brand pop-up in Los Angeles. It includes an introduction to their product line alongside skincare tips and a note from founder Jordan Harper.

''People loved having this zine to flip through at our event!”

“We wanted something easy to hand out and fun to hold,” says designer Lexie Tiongson. “People loved having this zine to flip through at the event!”

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Tabloid for C.O. Bigelow skincare launch in UK. Printed by Newspaper Club.

'Allo apothecary!

America’s oldest apothecary, C.O. Bigelow, recently launched their skincare range in the UK, and used our digital tabloid to spread the word.

Using newsprint is a nod to the brand’s long heritage, says Alex Billbrough of Wizard Publicity and a fitting way “to tell the story of C.O. Bigelow in its own words while being visually engaging.”

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