9 newspapers hot off the press in October

Newspaper Club print roundup October 2023

Every month, we put together a roundup to show all the creative ways our customers use newspapers. This time, see how a community project celebrates Birmingham's allotment culture and how brands like Wistia boost their conference presence with newspapers – plus more! Keep scrolling for 9 print projects hot off the press in October.


Conference creativity

Wistia, a video platform for marketers, wanted to stand out from the sea of swag at Hubspot’s INBOUND conference this year. So instead of their usual 1-page handout, they produced this zine-style takeaway to better capture the creative spirit of the brand.

Wistias' creative conference takeaway for Hubspot's INBOUND conference. Zine printed by Newspaper Club.

Featuring interactive activities like bingo and a Mad Libs video recording script, the mini newspaper was a hit with attendees. “It was fantastic being able to flex our creative muscles while bringing the Wistia brand to the printed page,” says designer Tiffany Chu. “Our marketing team loved the fresh approach and conference attendees commented on how fun it was to have an interactive takeaway.”

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Ilex Studio poster newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Tree tales

Ilex Studio, makers of beautiful acorn vases, used our tabloids to create a travel-friendly trade show catalogue. “It's easy to fold, carry and share,” says founder Ed Spurr about their lightweight 4-page design. “It's nostalgic yet innovative. And the generous size of the format means every detail is showcased with precision.”

"The newspaper can be repurposed, echoing our ethos of maximising utility and reducing waste."

Even better: the front cover doubles as a poster, giving the catalogue a second life. “It can be repurposed, echoing our ethos of maximising utility and reducing waste,” says Ed. “We can provide something of lasting value to our customers.”

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Birmingham Allotment Project community newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Plot pages

With 113 allotment sites spread across 631 acres, Birmingham has nearly 7,000 more plots than any other local authority in the UK. The Birmingham Allotment Project, an oral history project by General Public, offers an alternative view of the city through this thriving gardening culture.

Birmingham Allotment Project community newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

They’re sharing the tabloid newspapers with allotment holders and as part of a major exhibition at the Library of Birmingham. They worked with designer Keith Dodds to turn “a vast amount of content into something coherent and magical,” says General Public’s Chris Poolman. “Oral history interviewees are delighted that their stories are featured in something that feels  ‘serious and professional,’ as one plotholder put it.”

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Canongate book catalogue zine printed by Newspaper Club.

Novel news

Since 2016, Edinburgh-based publisher Canongate has been printing their biannual catalogue on our mini newspapers. This latest edition features 48 pages of exciting book news and upcoming releases, plus a wonderful cover illustration by Magdalena Michalak.

“A newspaper is a very apt format for our catalogue,” says head of brand Alan Nevens. “It’s un-precious, shows off our beautiful covers and is easy to take notes on or scrunch into a bag!”

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Hyper Skin promotional tabloid newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Glow gazette

Hyper Skin made headlines at their recent influencer event with some help from our digital tabloids. Salmon-coloured newsprint was the perfect match for their punchy orange and black brand palette and helped set the scene for eye-catching social content:

Hyper Skin promotional tabloid newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

“There's something extremely charming and nostalgic about a newspaper,” says designer Katrina Romulo. “It was really well-received at the event. Many people took them home!”

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Peter Clayton illustration portfolio zine. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Playful portfolio

Step into the vibrant world of designer and illustrator Pete Clayton in this zine-style promotional mailer. Beyond showcasing his diverse creative offerings and testimonials from happy clients, Pete offers a fun surprise – two full-page illustrations that can be cut out and pinned up.

“I'm very much into punk rock and love the DIY history of zines and print,” says Pete about using our mini newspapers. “I love producing a ‘thing,’ and by that I mean an actual holdable, useable piece of work that I can send out. It's a great part about what I do!”

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Elopement announcement newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Elopement edition

After eloping during Pride weekend, newlyweds Natalie Newbold and Jenna Murphy used a newspaper to share the news (and photos shot by Kelsey Ayres) with friends and family.

"Our invitees went wild for the newspaper – sooo many compliments and TONS of excitement!"

The digital tabloid was also an invite to their party a few months later. The couple designed it together (Jenna is the founder of Okie Dokie Studio) and collaborating “really added a great dose of joy to the process.”

“A newspaper invite was the perfect format to convey our elation, appreciation and love,” say Natalie and Jenna. “Our invitees went wild for the newspaper – sooo many compliments and TONS of excitement! We've already been asked by friends to design newspapers for their events!”

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Mitch Charter School agriculture zines printed by Newspaper Club.

Harvest history

Every year, students at Mitch Charter School in Oregon receive a packet of seeds to grow and harvest as part of the school’s Indigenous Seed Rematriation programme. They use our mini newspapers  as workbooks to document the process and write letters to the indigenous communities they are rematriating seeds to.

“The newspaper fulfils a really vital function in our school's hands-on agriculture curriculum,” says executive director Caitlin Blood. “It creates a sense of connection, which engages the students more deeply in the care and keeping of these seeds. And teachers appreciate them because it is replicable and brings social justice into the classroom.”

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Nunoo handbag brand promotional newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Handbag headlines

Copenhagen-based handbag brand Núnoo created a must-have accessory for New York Fashion Week: a custom newspaper! They used our digital tabloids to announce the launch of their U.S. website and showcase their new collection of outer space-inspired bags. Designed by Danika Daly PR.

Nunoo handbag brand promotional newspaper. Printed by Newspaper Club.

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