39 Front Pages of 2022

2022 - blue

As we come to the end of another eventful year, we take a look back at trends and themes that have run through our presses over the past 12 months. Below, we've chosen a few front pages from each month that reflect some of the big topics of 2022.

The environment remains a top concern and with recent changes to US legislation, women’s health and reproductive rights were, too. The front pages also reflected historical moments like the Queen’s Jubilee and her passing.

Since the invasion of Ukraine at the start of the year, we've seen harrowing war photography projects like The Information Front, as well as newspapers celebrating the country’s artists, culture and resilience.

As always, our presses run red hot in spring with an ever-growing number of degree show catalogues and student portfolios. It feels like a wonderful privilege to get an insight into the flourishing creativity within art schools, both here in the UK and internationally!

On the design front, we've seen a big increase in the use of QR codes - bridging the gap between print and digital and making content accessible in different formats.

There's also been a great increase in the use of the design platform Canva, especially for wedding newspapers (of which 2022 saw a record-breaking amount)! We have some exciting new things in the pipeline here - so watch this space...

We’ve printed so many different newspapers this year and are always amazed by our customers' creativity - no matter what the year throws at them. With only a few days left in 2022, we hope they are good ones for you and yours and we look forward to printing your newspapers again in 2023!













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