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What’s black and white and going viral on TikTok? Wedding newspapers! They're having a moment in the spotlight thanks to The Ceremony Club, a US-based wedding design business founded by Leore Oren. One recent video got almost 3 million views – and the newspapers on show are our digital tabloids!

meet leore

Leore uses Newspaper Club to print her clients’ personalised newspapers and says they've become her favourite service that The Ceremony Club offers.

Below, Leore tells us how she went from launching custom wedding newspapers to fielding non-stop orders in just a few months. Plus, flip through some newspapers designed by The Ceremony Club and find out how you can order your own (TikTok virality not included!)

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The idea

After the pandemic hiatus, wedding season was back in full swing. But all the save the dates I was receiving in the mail felt so generic – if you’re sending something to all your closest family and friends, I thought, why not make it more personal?

I decided I wanted to help people do just that. The Ceremony Club was born!

Our most popular products by far are custom wedding newspapers, which we print with Newspaper Club. They’re a fun, modern take on traditional marriage notices that would appear in newspapers back in the day. Plus they’re printed on sustainably sourced papers and are 100% recyclable (though, hopefully, people want to hang onto them as a keepsake!)

A viral moment for wedding newspapers. Almost 3 million views! (1)

Going viral

When we first shared a wedding newspaper on TikTok a few months ago, people immediately started asking how they could order their own. Since then, we’ve shown how we package the newspapers (in chic vellum envelopes!) and flipped through different examples, from save the dates to invitations. And the orders have kept rolling in – we can’t reply to all the messages fast enough!

"All the save the dates I was receiving in the mail felt so generic. If you’re sending something to all your closest family and friends, why not make it more personal?"

Our most popular video shows a newspaper that our clients included in their wedding welcome bags. It has almost 3 million views and 390,000 likes and people are so excited about the idea. Just some of the 600+ comments the video received: 

“This is GENIUS!!!!”
“OMFG I’d wanna frame this!”
“As a guest I would keep this forever”
“Am I getting married anytime soon? No. Am I gonna save this just in case? Yes.”


What's inside the newspapers?

Every newspaper we’ve designed has been different and unique to the couple we’re working with – it’s amazing how much personality can come through in just one sheet of paper! The most popular types of newspapers we design are:

•  Save the dates
•  Invitations
•  Weekend itineraries (for welcome bags)
•  Ceremony programmes
•  Thank yous

We’ve also had requests for bachelorette parties and bridal showers! The newspapers are completely customizable, but our basic 4-page template includes:

•  Cover page with a title, photo of the couple and the wedding date

•  Inside spread with more photos, a word search featuring special words and a love story page – this is where the couple can share how they met or the story behind the proposal (and some photos of that moment, too!)

•  Back page with practical info for guests, like a weekend itinerary, directions to the venue and QR code linking to the wedding website

We can get more creative and add elements like a quiz – “Are you more like the bride or the groom?” – and notes from friends and family. There are so many possibilities!

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What about packaging?

Don’t want to deal with packaging your newspapers? No problem – The Ceremony Club can package and address them for you. We offer black, white or vellum envelopes (everyone's favorite!) and will print the names and addresses of your guests on each envelope.


All you have to do is add a stamp and pop them in the mail. (We fold the newspaper to fit into 9”x 12” envelopes, to cut down on delivery costs.) And the fonts we use on the envelopes are the same as inside the newspaper, so the whole aesthetic feels cohesive.

Or, if you’re planning to hand out newspapers at your ceremony instead, it’s cute to roll them and tie them with a bow!

How can I order?

Since the newspaper design is an entirely custom service, we recommend scheduling a call to talk about what you need. Just choose a time slot that works for you from our appointment calendar and we’d love to chat! You can also email us at to learn more about the process. And check out some of our past work on Instagram or TikTok for inspiration.

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