Goodbye 90gsm, hello 80gsm bright recycled!


They say that all good things come to an end — and that's true of our stock of 90gsm bright paper.

We've been printing on this paper for a couple of years and it's been a popular choice for illustrators, photographers and fashion folk who want their newspaper that little bit brighter.

But due to ongoing disruption with paper supplies and deliveries (fun times!), we've had to look for alternatives. And we're excited to be launching a great quality — and more eco-friendly — replacement.

Meet 80gsm bright recycled

The good news is 80gsm bright recycled is as bright as 90gsm and, you guessed it, 100% recycled! Here's how it compares to our standard 55gsm newsprint:

80gsm vs 55gsm

Like all of our papers, 80gsm bright recycled is FSC-certified — that means it's met a strict environmental standards. This is our first 100% recycled paper option for digital printing, another step in our commitment to making our printing as sustainable as possible. (Read more on our Environment page.)

The one downside: 80gsm paper is more expensive to source, but we're keeping prices the same as 90gsm for now.

When can I try it?

80gsm bright recycled will be available for digital printing on mini and tabloid sizes from Monday 25 October. Order a sample now to see it for yourself and get inspired for your next project!

Get free samples

We will be discontinuing 90gsm bright paper on 25 October, but still have a small amount left. If you’ve been planning a project on 90gsm and still want to use it, write to us at and we'll see what we can do!



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