50 photographers capture patience in The Analog Club's first "tangible creation"

Patience photography newspaper published by the Analog Club. Printed by Newspaper Club.

Launched in 2016, The Analog Club is an Instagram community dedicated to "the poetry of film photography in a digital world" with almost 200,000 followers.

This April, as the world went into lockdown, they invited photographers to submit images that capture patience. "Patience is more needed than ever and we have decided to celebrate this virtue," co-founders Mathis Clamens and Loris Macieira wrote on Instagram.



By the end of the month, they'd received over 1,300 images from 600 photographers across 65 countries. Loris and Mathis chose their favourite images from 50 of those photographers and collected them in a zine titled Patience, printed as a tabloid newspaper.

The Analog Club sold over 500 copies of Patience (it's now totally sold out!) with all proceeds donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross to support its Covid-19 emergency appeal.



"In the era of 'instant news', we [wanted] to give the newspaper format a more contemplative use," say Loris and Mathis. "This is our first tangible creation and marks the beginning of an exciting new era where The Analog Club will exist beyond Instagram."

Below, 7 photographers featured in "Patience" tell us more about their stunning images – from a swimming pool chess match in Budapest to Lake Como at sunset.


Douce d'Ivry

I took this picture above Switzerland. I love taking pictures from a plane, during those suspended moments when no one and nothing can reach you. You just have to admire and wait for the perfect moment to take the right shot. My advice: always ask for the window seat!


patience_sarahblard - Sarah (1)

Sarah Blard

This photo was shot while I was living in Italy. I was with my friend Gen on Piani d’Erna, next to the Lake Como, at sunset. We hadn’t seen each other for 12 years as we were both living on the other side of the planet and it was a huge thing for us to be reunited again. It was like we had never been apart. Patience…



Wesley Verhoeve

Walking through Tokyo with my camera is one of my favorite ways to spend a day. This image was the first-ever medium format shot I took in Japan and one of my favorites. It was a very fast and unplanned shot, something not usually associated with medium format photography, but when I noticed the way the light hit the wall behind a solitary person waiting my instincts kicked in and I snapped. A few seconds later a cloud came in and the light was gone and the woman had left.


111 - Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith

I have a thing for taking pictures of old men. Capturing the nuanced idiosyncrasies of their behaviour, their aged auras filled with wisdom and knowledge. This scene was taken at the Széchenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest in 2019.



Doug Robichaud

This is one of my favorite photographs I've ever taken. All of the stars aligned for this one. The winds from a nearby wildfire added an ominous, smokey atmosphere to the landscape of Bear Valley Lake in Northern California at sunrise. Since it was so early and smokey, not many people were out enjoying the lake. When I saw this fisherman paddle out in his kayak with a burnt orange shirt, I saw the composition I wanted and framed it immediately.



Anne Barlinckhoff

I am inspired by love, life and loss, and all those moments in between. I work on intuition and I’m passionate about people and the relationships I create with them. With photography, I can create my own paradise. Why? The answer would be one word: Escape. At least for the moment. Escape from a world of cruelty and violence. Free to drift into a colorful paradise. Into a dreaming state in which peace and beauty are synonymous with happiness.


Patrick Clelland

Patrick Clelland

Taken on a sunny afternoon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A uniformed man sits with a dog on plastic chairs watching the street.


All photographers who contributed to Patience:

Alexandre Mellak, Alice Christine Walker, Amaury Crupelandt, Andrea Lombardini, Anne Barlinckhoff, Bogdan Balaceanu, Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes, Camille Gorin, Carlos Bra, Colette der Kinderen, Daniel Weizel, Danielle Smith, David Maurel, Dino Mehle, Douce d'Ivry, Doug Robichaud, Eloi de La Monneraye, Faustine Martin, Felipe Viveiros, François Civil, Gabe Vega, Gaëlle Leroyer, Hugo Lecrux Conceicão, Hugo Tordjman, Ian Howorth, jigme tenzin salto, Jim van der Sluijs, Joe Portelli, Julia Grandperret Motin, Kate Bellm, Léo Berne, Marc Le Vaillant, Marcel Boer, Mathieu Maury, Nick Prideaux, Nicolas Nalet, Nicolas Schindler, Patrick Clelland, Pauline Deschamps, Quentin Simon, Sarah Blard, Sergey Neamoscou, Chaikovskaya Sofiia, Tanguy LV, Théo Gosselin, Thibaut Piel, Théo Saffroy, Víctor Bensusi, Wesley Verhoeve and William Fleury.

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