Get creative with our new sample packs!


If you’ve found it hard to get inspired over the past few months, you’re not alone. We could all use a creative pick-me-up right now. That’s why we’re excited to launch brand new sample newspapers, designed to reignite your creativity and spark fresh ideas.


You'll notice some big changes to the look of our samples. But more importantly they're easier to use – with a simpler ordering process, clearer product details and a bunch of exciting examples from our creative community to get you inspired.

So, what's new?

☻ Samples now come in packs. To make things simple, we're now bundling our samples into two different packs: digital and traditional.

When you order a pack, you'll get all the paper options for that type of printing. Choose the digital pack if you're printing a smaller order (under 500 copies) and the traditional pack for larger orders. If you're still deciding, you can get both to compare.


☻ Clearer product details. You'll find all the need-to-know info about our different formats and papers at the top right corner of each sample. See measurements, paper details, environmental certificates and more at a glance, like this:


☻ Even more inspiration. We've added lots of brilliant newspapers from our creative community to show what you can make — from big brands like Mailchimp and Tom Dixon to the small and quirky like the newspaper about antique radio collectors.

Whether you’re printing a catalogue, portfolio, wedding invite or something else, you’ll find an inspiring example to kick off your design process!


☻ One thing that hasn't changed: our newspaper samples are still completely free.

We can’t wait to see how you use these new samples. Tag us @newspaperclub when you get yours and tell us what you’re planning to print!

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