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The Strategic North

Vol 1, Issue 1, Tuesday 21st October 2031 Special Edition www.strategicnorth.com

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About this newspaper

We wrote this newspaper from the future, 21st Oct 2031 to show one extreme and at the same time plausible future for the pharmaceutical industry.
The things that make this future possible are all happening now and within the newspaper we highlight some of those.
We guarantee you only one thing in 2020, never mind 2030, how your health is managed and how you are cared for will change beyond anything we can conceive. Change is coming like a freight train

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About Michael at Strategic North

I am one of the partners of Strategic North Ltd. We specialise in healthcare strategic marketing consultancy and do a lot of work with global pharmaceutical companies in at 3 levels of brand, healthcare and therapy area. We define plausible futures


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