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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Find out how it works and order a free sample.

What sizes of newspapers can I print?

Choose between mini, tabloid and broadsheet sizes, printed digitally or traditionally

What counts as one page?

Good question! Find out about pages, spreads and sheets.

How do I make a newspaper?

Use ARTHR, our free layout software to design your newspaper, or design your own PDF with templates, artwork guidelines and export guides for InDesign and Scribus.

Are there any restrictions using ARTHR?

ARTHR can only be used to create tabloid sizes at the moment.

Not all devices or browsers are supported. ARTHR might not work on your mobile device or tablet. The following browsers will give you the best experience:

Windows > 7  macOS > 10.9
Internet Explorer / Edge > 11  Safari > 7
Chrome / Chromium  Chrome / Chromium
Firefox > 40  Firefox > 40
Safari > 7  

Can Newspaper Club make it for me?

We don't design newspapers - we only print them. For design ideas, see what other people have printed in The Newsagent or on our blog

How much will it cost?

See our prices or contact us for a quote.

How do I order?

Read up on ordering and payments.

How long will my newspapers take to arrive?

Find out more about deliveries

I have a question that isn't listed

No problem! Please contact us and we'll reply as quickly as we can.