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Understanding paper types

Different paper types are available depending on the format and page count of your newspaper. For prices, check the information for each newspaper type.

GSM stands for Grammes per Square Metre. For comparison, a UK national newspaper like The Sun or The Metro is printed on 42gsm recycled newsprint. The ISO rating describes the brightness of the paper – the higher the number, the brighter it is.

Digital Printing (1-300 copies)

There are 2 types of paper available for digital printing.

55gsm improved newsprint

100% virgin fibre (not recycled), ISO76 brightness
Slightly heavier and brighter than standard newsprint. 
This is the standard paper for digital minis, digital tabloids and digital broadsheets.

90gsm bright paper

NEUJET silk, ISO112 brightness
A bright white, silky paper with a more luxurious feel than standard newsprint.
Available for digital tabloids only. 

Traditional Printing (300+ copies)

There are 5 types of paper available for traditional printing.

45gsm salmon newsprint

100% virgin fibre (not recycled), coloured newsprint
A standard “salmon” pink newsprint stock, as used internationally for business papers like The Financial Times.
Available for traditional ministraditional tabloids and traditional broadsheets

52gsm recycled newsprint

100% recycled, ISO63 brightness
A standard off-white newsprint stock, slightly heavier than most standard daily newspapers. 
This is our standard paper for traditional tabloids and traditional broadsheets.

55gsm improved newsprint

100% virgin fibre (not recycled), ISO76 brightness
A slightly heavier, brighter stock. Good for photography and magazine-style publications. 
This is our standard paper for traditional minis. It is also available for traditional tabloids and traditional broadsheets.

70gsm improved newsprint

100% virgin fibre (not recycled), ISO83 brightness
A heavier, brighter stock. Perfect for a higher quality feel and a longer lasting product.
Available for traditional ministraditional tabloids and traditional broadsheets.

70gsm bright (woodfree bond)

100% virgin fibre (not recycled), ISO96 brightness
A heavier bright white stock, which will not discolour with age/light.
Available for traditional minis, traditional tabloids and traditional broadsheets.

Any questions?

Please request a free sample of any of our paper types, or contact us with any questions.