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Getting Started

You can get set up in just a couple of minutes. There's no paperwork and you can start selling immediately. We'll handle your payments, printing and delivery and send you the profits from each sale.

How does the money work?

We charge for printing and delivering each newspaper sold. You can add an optional profit on top, which we transfer to you 14 days after each sale. We take 5% out of any profit you set to process the PayPal fees on your behalf. You need a PayPal account to receive your profits.

Printing and delivery prices

Number of pages Minimum price
4 £2.50
8 £3.00
12 £3.50
16 £3.75
20 £4.25
24 £4.75
28 £5.25
32 £5.50
36 £6.00
40 £6.50
44 £7.00
48 £7.50
52 £8.00
56 £8.50
60 £8.75
64 £9.25

How does the printing and delivery work?

We'll print each newspaper on demand as a digital tabloid. Your newspaper will be sent by standard post, folded once in a cardboard backed envelope, sized to fit through a standard letterbox.

Which newspapers are eligible?

All newspapers that meet the following criteria can be sold through The Newsagent:

For now, only UK customers can buy through The Newsagent and all the monies received will be in UK Sterling, converted to your local currency by PayPal, if necessary.