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Excelsior Days

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Excelsior Days

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This faceless partisan force of humanity, troubled lives we ignore or take for granted, sowing ambitions that are often beyond them. It’s a black humour existence where death and life mingle and apathy perpetuates a life to often wasted in self-obsession. We are all really in the same line of fire living lives with the same aspirations and passions as each other, waiting for a dream that will not arrive, not until humans indeed grow wings and angels breed amongst mere mortals.

Tagged with oxford, cafe, culture, greasy, spoon, british, tradition, depression, and addiction.

About | Kirk Ellingham

Documentary photographer 2006-2011
short stories, poetry and stream of consciousness photography projects. Known for re-working personal stories, family issues and 'the Journey' into work and using notebooks and found objects. UK,Poland & Georgia.


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