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Traditional Mini

Artwork guidelines

Use this guide to set up a traditional mini for printing. Read our traditional printing guide for essential information before designing your newspaper, and the glossary for an explanation of any unfamiliar words.

Download a template to get started.

Page size

  • Set up your document to the size of one page - width 180mm x height 260mm.


  • Add 5mm bleed to the top, bottom and outside edge of each page. Your document size including bleed should be width 185mm x height 270mm.
  • Don’t add bleed to the inside edge of your pages.

Safe area

  • Trimming isn’t exact, so we have defined a safe area, where you can place artwork and be sure that it won’t be trimmed.
  • The safe area starts 10mm from the trim line, at the top, bottom and outside edge of each page.


  • Minimum 16 pages, maximum 64 pages.
  • Pages must be in multiples of 8.


A word about trimming and bleed...

Trimming isn’t exact so follow these guidelines to make sure your newspaper looks good:

  • Make sure any backgrounds that you want to go to the edge of the page, completely fill the bleed, to avoid white lines around the edge of your artwork.
  • Avoid having straight lines running parallel to the trim line, as these can enhance any wonky trimming.
  • Anything outside the safe area may be trimmed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 15.36.43.png


Read our traditional printing guide for essential colour information, and the glossary for an explanation of any unfamiliar terms.

  • CMYK or greyscale.
  • No spot colours.
  • Black and white photos and artwork should be set to print greyscale.
  • Colour profiles - You can use any generic CMYK colour profile. We will manage colour before printing, to reduce ink coverage to an acceptable level for newsprint.

Text and images

Image resolution

  • We recommend you set your image resolution between 150dpi and 300dpi - for more information see our guide to image resolution.

Minimum font size

  • The smallest font size we recommend is 8pt, although some fonts may print well at smaller sizes.

Export guide

  • Export your PDF as single pages, in reading order, with 5mm bleed added to the top, bottom and outside edge of each page and no crop marks.
  • See our export guide for full instructions.

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