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Print a perfect picture


I’m a NYC-based photographer and love sending out printed promos to photo editors, art buyers and clients throughout the year.

It’s a great way to keep in touch with people through something more tactile than an email – and I really love the creative process of putting promos together.

I printed my first newsprint promo, Wander Over With, with Newspaper Club last year and received such a good response that I decided to create a second edition of my photography zine.

Way Over Where takes you on a visual journey through the homes and workspaces of various people I photographed over the past year.

To create the zine, I started by going through and selecting my best images from the past year for the promo. Next I worked with a designer through several layouts and revisions until we had the right pacing, content, and overall feeling.

We printed a run of 1,000 and are going to ship 500 to editors, art buyers and art directors, and the rest will be kept on hand as leave behinds.

Way Over Where was included in the prestigious PDN Photo Annual as one of the best promotional pieces of 2016.

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