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Print your own newspaper



Quality is guaranteed and it's a fresh and fun format that adds a design edge to our event.
Newspapers as a format are no-nonsense and less precious than books or glossy magazines. They don’t take themselves too seriously.
Oslo Davis, illustrator
There’s a comforting humanness about the tangibility of paper after spending all day reading, writing and sharing things online.
Jemima Kiss, journalist
We used Newspaper Club to print 2,000 copies of The Chimpington Post and it brings me so much joy to see visitors in our waiting area reaching for the paper.
What’s really exciting is the scale of imagery and the use of colour that this medium gives us. Students have embraced it as an exciting way of showing off their skills in design and illustration.
Westminster Fashion
The newspaper format seemed perfect for telling the stories behind the music and gave us incredible scope for creating interesting written and visual content.
London Philharmonic Orchestra
It was a rage. I could barely keep them around. Every person in attendance wanted them. Nearly everyone wanted to know how and where to make one! It was wonderful.
Collette McGruder, photographer
We are thrilled with the printing and happy to be able to tell about the important work Embrace is doing through a distinctive format.
Our papers have gone like hot-cakes. Newspaper Club has ensured we retain that little something special about our content that people take the time to find out about.
It’s a great way to keep in touch with people through something more tactile than an email.
Winnie Au, photographer
I was so impressed with the ease and efficiency of Newspaper Club. Couldn’t believe that I submitted the files and the next day they had already been printed–great service!
Iris and June
Ordering is easy and delivery is very swift! Newspaper Club were always on hand to offer advice and accommodate our requirements.
NOW Careers
The newspaper was a perfect fit. It was tactile, reflected our values, and was a perfect match for how we could deliver the personality of the store into people’s hands.
Hoult Wine Merchants
We loved putting the newspaper together. It was great to re-live our day and share the photos in this unique way with all of our guests. One of them said it was the best thing they had received in the mail for years!
Adam Morris, designer