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Temporary Sculptures

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About this newspaper

Through Blurring the boundaries of physical and digital collage, I want to allow these overlapping forms and structures to becomes a unity of lines. For the audience, as curious spectators to create connections that could result in new forms, and in new structures.

Temporary Structures.

*Colours displayed in this newspaper will appear more subdued and paler due to the characteristics of printing in the newspaper format.

Tagged with art, contemporary, artists, photography, zine, collage, sculpture, temporary, sculptures, body, form, photo, newspaper, digital, student, portrait, construct, construction, grey, 2015, 2016, matt, greenwood, print, project, and newspapers.

About Matt Greenwood

I am currently studying my BA Hons Photography Degree at Falmouth University. I gather visual influence from sculptural art, as my work investigates the way in which the photograph can be presented as a physical form in relation to sculpture.


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