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Exhibition: Printed Web #4 at ICP Museum

Printed Web #4 by Paul Soulellis at ICP Museum

Mossless and Printed Web #4 at the ICP Museum. Image via ICP Museum.

We printed Printed Web #1, the first publication devoted to web-to-print art and discourse, as a traditional tabloid newspaper in 2013. Since then, the publication has taken many forms as the project has evolved: a print-on-demand magazine, an Apache server directory, a limited edition book hand-bound at Henry’s Bookbinding.

The latest issue is back in newsprint. Printed Web #4 is a special commission for the International Center of Photography and forms part of the ICP Museum’s Public, Private, Secret exhibition, the inaugural show in their new location on the Bowery in New York City.

The 40-page digital broadsheet newspaper presents projects from Wolfgang Plöger, Lorna Mills, Molly Soda, Travess Smalley, Angela Genusa, Eva and Franco Mattes, Anouk Kruithof, Elisabeth Tonnard, and Christopher Clary, with a text titled “Folding the Web” by Michael Connor, artistic director of Rhizome. Each artist contributed work that engages with the concept of privacy today in relation to public visibility and self-identity.

Printed Web #4 digital broadsheet newspaper by Paul Soulellis

Image via Library of the Printed Web

Teacher and artist Paul Soulellis is the mind behind Printed Web, an offshoot of his Library of the Printed Web archive. Soulellis talked to Kate Palmer Albers earlier this week about the exhibition and Printed Web:

“Each spread [of Printed Web #4] was shown on the wall by using multiple copies of the publication. In this case, since the project was printed as a loose folio of newsprint sheets, we were easily able to separate the pages and fix them to the wall with magnets. Typically, my publications are displayed as objects to be handled…which sometimes feel ‘retail-y’ but ultimately this is a very good way to experience the work. The viewer is able to engage directly with the publication.”

 “Public, Private, Secret" exhibition at ICP Museum

Image via 10 x 10 Photobooks

“Because Printed Web publications are cheaply printed, they show the honest wear and tear of handling. I don’t mind that they bear these physical effects; this is a kind of evidence of the publication’s haecceity (its ‘what-it-is’), with its own material lifespace. I think of my publications as ‘poor media.’ Because Printed Web is always print-on-demand, copies are easily replaced.”

You can read the full interview with Paul Soulellis online at Circulation Exchange.

Public, Private, Secret runs 23 June 2016 – 8 January 2017 at the ICP Museum in New York City. For more details and opening hours, visit the exhibition website. Printed Web #4 is available to purchase from Spaces Corners at ICP Museum.

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