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The dreamy comic landscape of Lila #2

Lila #2 illustrated newspaper by David Mathews

David Mathews is a Delhi-born illustrator, book designer and animator based in Vienna. Lila #2 is his digital tabloid newspaper – a story of friendship and affection over distance and between books. Through absorbing, dream-like illustrations, Mathews asks his reader: what happens when our lives and the lives of those dear to us begin to diverge?

Lila #2 illustrated newspaper by David Mathews

There's no straight answer, but Lila #2 is a joy to puzzle over. Mathews says he chose newsprint as a tribute to "the heyday of broadsheet comics luminaries such as Krazy Kat."  We love that Mathews has infused the classic, monochromatic comic strip landscape with hypnotic details and lava lamp hues.


Lila #2 is the second issue of what Mathews describes as a "sporadic, ongoing picture-story periodical."

Lila #2 illustrated newspaper by David Mathews

Lila #2 is available in The Newsagent now for £10 (including delivery).

Head over to David Mathews's website for more beautiful illustration – and see some of it come to life!

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