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Mini newspaper for big voices at Tournez la Meule music festival

Tournez La Meule traditional mini concert programme

Tournez la Meule is a vocal festival founded in 2014 by well-travelled Swiss quintet 5 aux Moulins. What began as a group of friends celebrating their musical journeys – from Finland to Corsica to Bulgaria – has become a much-anticipated local event. That's due in no small part, we're sure, to the wonderful traditional mini programmes designed by Nicolas Meyer.

Tournez La Meule traditional mini concert programme

This year's programme features 10 musicians from different genres. The festival's emphasis on vocals means choirs and a-cappella ensembles are to be expected, but it's also an opportunity for rock and pop bands to show a different side of their music with acoustic performances. The concerts all take place at a small theatre in idyllic Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Tournez La Meule traditional mini concert programme

"It's an intimate atmosphere," explains Meyer. "So we wanted to provide a unique brochure that reflected that. That's why we chose a mini newspaper. It's slightly bigger than the traditional A5 leaflets everyone uses in Switzerland, so we had to dig into our imaginations to fill each page with more descriptive details about the artists."

Tournez La Meule traditional mini concert programme

"Between concerts, many people bury themselves in their copy and we’ve had excellent  feedback. We want people to touch, read and keep these magazines – and I have a feeling that's exactly what they do."

Tournez la Meule was held on 23 - 24 April 2016. Keep an eye on the festival website for details about next year's event.

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