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The Persistence of Type at Glasgow International

Persistence of Type Broadsheet Newspaper Glasgow International

The Persistence of Type at the 2015 Tramway exhibition. Photo via Panel.

The Glasgow International festival is in full swing, with an excellent programme of contemporary art events happening throughout April. We're excited to have printed newspapers for a few events this year, including a traditional broadsheet for The Persistence of Type.

Persistence of Type Broadsheet Newspaper Glasgow International

The newspaper revisits themes from an exhibition that took place at Tramway last year, exploring ideas of typography and "type" in graphic design and historical advertising.

Contributors include Maria Fusco, Georgia Horgan, Fiona Jardine, Mairi MacKenzie, Anna McLauchlan, Neil McGuire, Mhari McMullan, Lili Reynaud-Dewar and Maeve Redmond with Sophie Dyer.

The Persistence of Type Volume II is available to pick up at venues across Glasgow (see the full list) throughout Glasgow International, from 8-25 April 2016.

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