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Around the world in a broadsheet with Fern

Fern Photography Travel Newspaper by Tom Reinert

When designer Tom Reinert embarked on a round-the-world trip with his girlfriend in 2014, he collected stories from his travels on his beautiful blog, Fernweh.

It's a German word that roughly translates to "the urge to travel'" or "longing for a place far away." The blog is written in German, though it gets the meaning of fernweh across quite clearly, regardless of language.

Fern Photography Travel Newspaper by Tom Reinert

Reinert has now published the memories from his blog in a digital broadsheet newspaper, Fern (German for "far"). "Because our friends and families liked our stories so much, and because I wanted to perpetuate the text on paper, I decided to print them," he says.

Fern Photography Travel Newspaper by Tom Reinert

"I found the newspaper format perfect for that – big trip, big format. To include more pictures I combined the newspaper with a smaller inlay, where photos are printed on a contrasting glossy paper. We're back home for almost a year now and now we enjoy re-reading the stories and browsing through the paper to revive the memories."

Fern Photography Travel Newspaper by Tom Reinert

You can flip through Fern in The Newsagent and keep up with Reinert's other projects on his website. Thank you for printing with us!

All photographs courtesy of Tom Reinert.

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